Do you feel low on confidence day to day? There’s nothing worse than feeling low, and like you’re not good enough. However, there are things you can do if you really want to change how you feel. Read on for some of the reasons your confidence may be low and what you can do about it:


Comparing Yourself To Others

It’s all too easy to compare yourself to others in this day and age, what with magazines and social media showing us images of ‘perfect’ bodies day in day out. You have to remember that a lot of these bodies are photoshopped and unattainable. For those who are real, they are fit and healthy, and there’s nothing stopping you from becoming fit and healthy, too!


Above all else, you need to remember that comparing yourself to others is a losing game. There’s only one you, and you should celebrate that. You also need to remember that somebody else’s beauty never takes away from your own. Stop wishing you were somebody else and start seeing yourself like other people see you!



Letting Negative Thoughts Take Over

Negative thoughts plague us all at one time or another, but you can’t let them win. As soon as you hear a negative thought creep in, take action. Stop the thought in its tracks, and do not entertain it. Instead, replace with a happy thought, and a positive thought about yourself. It can take time to master this, but it truly works if you’re consistent. You can also put post it notes around your house telling yourself that you are confident, beautiful, smart, and other things so that you see them every day. Eventually, you will start to believe them.


You’re Not Wearing Clothes That Make You Feel Good

The way you dress can play a huge part in how good you feel. If you’re dressing in dark, baggy clothing to hide your body every day, you’re going to feel terrible. Work out what colors and styles really suit you, find clothes you love, and wear them. You should notice the difference in your mood when you’re wearing clothes that you actually like and enjoy wearing. If you feel like you can’t wear the clothes you really want to wear because of health issues, you do have options. You can look into disposable incontinence and other solutions to keep you feeling comfortable and happy whatever you’re wearing.


You’re Not Taking Time For Self Care

Make sure you’re taking time for self care. Paint your nails, give yourself a facial, and apply a mask to your hair. Spend a little time every day treating yourself and making sure you feel good.


You’re Not Standing Up Tall

Posture is not only important for health reasons; it can play a huge role in how you feel. If you’re slouching 24/7, you’re going to feel down. Stand up straight and smile, and you should feel better instantly. It’s important to do this even if you don’t feel like it, as you can actually trick your brain into believing you are happy and confident!


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