As I was talking about Saturday, I believe that it’s important for us to create on a regular basis. However I feel that I’ve been missing something from there. Not to mention in order for us to create and be creative, imagination is vital too.

Imagination, I believe is the fuel for our creativity and as such we need imagination to do that. It helps with visualizing our success and making it more likely for us to succeed. However imagination can help out in more ways than that.

Fights Procrastination

One of the first aspects with using your imagination (or creativity as it were) is that it requires a lot of work. You might think it’s funny or unbelievable, but it’s true. And really it can come down to that first step.

It can be so difficult to be creative because you’re not quite sure what to write, sculpt, paint, or create. It’s often in those times that we throw in the towel or that we “do it later” and forget. We procrastinate.

It’s during those times you are stuck where you actually need to do some research. Take the time to read other peoples articles. Research a new style.

We need imagination for that reason. The logical and bare facts are much like an engine. Filling that up will allow the engine to run and the car, your imagination and creativity, to start running too.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”y7u93″ via=”yes” ]Logic is the fuel, creativity is the engine. Having a balance of both moves you.[/ctt]

Higher Boosts In Confidence

Whether it’s through affirmations, mantras, or visualizing what we want out of life, imagination is behind those things. You wouldn’t be saying those affirmations if you thought they wouldn’t work or if you didn’t believe them. At the very least they wouldn’t be effective in those cases.

But one of the things with our imagination and expressing that outward is you’re allowing yourself to be vulnerable. I remember a few years ago I told some of my relatives I planned to pay my student debt off in a few years. They scoffed at the idea. But I had to open myself up a little to reveal that.

I had to be vulnerable.

That in itself boosts my confidence as I continue to remind myself “Maybe this is actually possible.” “Maybe I can make $60,000 in the new year.”

At this stage, you don’t always need to have a concrete plan. Believe that you can get there already.

That’s confidence.

A Great Troubleshooting Tool

And lastly why we need imagination is that it can solve problems. It goes back to the story I shared about Robert Kiyosaki and him counterfeiting nickels when he was a kid. The belief that every problem has a solution and they find a creative way to solve it. Even if that solution was illegal.

My point is that any problem can be surmounted when you have the confidence, but also crazy enough to mesh things together. I remember one of my friends saying that I was the kind of creative guy that can wire ideas together. Having that sort of mentality of combining ideas and experimenting can lead to an actual solution.

I believe to achieve that it’s having a balance of both creativity and imagination along with logical and analytics. I’m not saying you need numbers and data all the time, but having grounds of reality. That combined with the your belief system can create a great mindset.

Try This

For today, I challenge you to look at a problem that you are faced with differently. Or if you are developing a habit, mix it up a little and do something a bit different. If you are trying to read more, maybe move to a different room and read there for a change.

These tiny changes can spark your creativity in new ways. You’ll never know until you try.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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