Whether you are working a desk job, or you have a high intense labour job, creativity is important for a variety of reasons. As a writer, I believe it’s vital that we create on a regular basis.

Regardless of what we do on a daily basis. Whether that is writing, singing, drawing, painting, crafting, or whatever. Either way, finding a creative outlet and taking advantage of it is important for a few reasons.


We Need To Create

You may think of it as silly or something coming out of a fairy tale, but creativity unlocks a certain part of our brain. This part, when unlocked correctly can help us to learn deeper meaning of ourselves.

It only occurred to me just recently, after reading an article about understanding who you are as a person. One of the methods that was suggested to learn more about yourself was indeed being creative.

Writing For Years

But since I’ve been writing for a few years now, I believe I’ve gotten more out of understanding myself than before.

Of course, there have been several breakthroughs as a result of my writing. From changing styles to having a more specific focus of my desires and how I’ll go about it and more.

It’s why I some times say “I have no idea where I’d be without writing.” I’ve truly learned so much from this form of creative output that I’d be lost without it.

But Not Every Person Needs To Write

But not every person needs to write in order to learn more about themselves. There are other creative mediums. What’s important is that we strive to create on a regular basis through a medium that works best for us.

Even though I certainly advocate writing a lot, I can understand people learning more about themselves through other ways. Like playing or composing music, or drawing. Either way I believe it’s vital that we carve out some of our time to do something creative.

Here’s some suggestions.

Creative Strategies

Some strategies include setting a timer or devoting a day specifically to being creative. If you work a desk job or work over the week day, devote one day per week to doing something creative.

Got a family? Have them participate as well. It’s great bonding time as you learn more about one another.

Or if you’re like me and you stay at home, create a morning routine or a list of tasks to complete each day and one of those things is being creative. Set an hour every day to writing, painting, or whatever kind of creative activity you can think of.

The Desire To Create

I feel we need to create on a regular basis as I think so many people have lost themselves. I know for myself I was a shell with no real opinions. I mean I had opinions, but I never questioned if they were mine.

I know that sounds weird but in the end we need to learn more about ourselves for a variety of reasons. The best way, or at least one way, is to be creative and pay attention to what you do and what you say revolving around that.

Try it out.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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