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When Is It Good To Relax?

As an entrepreneur, it’s empowering for us to be reading other people succeeding.

At least for me.

As I’ve been reading more and more work from people on this platform, I feel happy for them.

But amongst the hustling, progress, and growth we are all achieving, I have two questions.

When do you take a break?

When do you relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour?

I understand the nature behind entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs have said a number of things about work. Things like…

Hustle hard until you can’t remember what day it is.

Taking breaks is a sign of comfort and comfort is our enemy.

An entrepreneurs life is working 50 hours a week.

Or some other bullshit.

I get it though. It’s a great sensation because you are more focused on your work than anything else.

But as much as hustle is important, so too is taking it easy.

I’m not saying we need to take a few days off or anything, but at least reflect for an hour or two.

That or do something fun.

But as much as hustle is important, so too is taking it easy.

The Grind Is Important

The work that we do is vital to others.

I firmly believe that the entrepreneur who can stick through has something valuable to share.

Not only that, but we are willing to go the distance to get it. And that’s great.

But remember to pause and enjoy your life as well.

Because if we are so fixated on the work itself, we are in no better position than the guy working a 9–5 job.

Sure we may enjoy the work far more than most employees would. But we’ll remember the grind more than the memories the grind gave us after and during.

And yes I’m sure people can argue to grind now and relax later, but why not relax a little now?

Not all things last forever and some things can only be enjoyed at that time.

So take a break at times.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

Originally posted on Medium.

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