Every writer faces this at some point in time: they don’t feel like writing. It’s a strange concept to think about as so many writers out there believe they write daily.

Even look at me, someone who takes pride in being able to write every day.

Which is why it’s so awkward these days when I don’t publish work on Medium, Youtube, or on this blog.

It feels as if I’ve completely disappeared at various times.

And I’m sorry for that and I’d like to change that. Fortunately, it’s starting to work, but there still are some struggles.

Thankfully for you and me, I have some strategies I’m working on. Tools that’ll help me to create content no matter the circumstances.

Here’s how I do it.

What To Do When You Don't Feel Like Writing

I Start Being Honest

When I don’t feel like writing – or specifically publishing – I be honest with myself. I work on telling the truth to you all.

And the reason why this is a good strategy is because it can create another story. After all, when writing is something that you are passionate and driven for, it’s bound to create emotions.

And those emotions can create stories. Something that you can talk about.

It might not be the greatest story in the world, but that’s always the case with writing.

I’ve published thousands of articles on the Internet by now. Not all of them are that great of a read. But every single one had a story, a reason to be published.

And this one, even under situations where I don’t feel like writing, is like all the others.

I Work On Other Projects

I’m glad I’ve grown enough to have other work outside of writing on this blog. And while that work certainly pulls me away from writing here, there are some benefits.

These benefits ultimately improve my writing in many ways.

But perhaps the biggest thing is the fact that the work I take on doesn’t take much thought.

In many cases, it’s rewriting an article or doing a little bit of research.

This allows me to not only to take a break mentally but to also look at articles and what I’m writing. It can easily be grounds for me to write an article for myself.

I can go one step farther with this though. The other projects I’m doing allow me to look at the work and wonder if I can give it multiple purposes. As in publishing the content in many different ways across multiple platforms.

This has made me a more curious individual. It’s a key characteristic of a writer.

I Get Out And Experience

On a similar note, I also take a little bit of time off to do other things. Right now, they’re pretty small scale.

From taking a healthy vacation to participating in a weight loss challenge, these are experiences and writing fodder.

I’ve started to embrace that concept and I’d like to do larger things too. That’ll happen the more that I work during my work times. Not to mention make more money.

Great writing stems from not only our curiosity but what we experience through life.

This is where all of our stories come from. Writing is simply a means of putting those stories into proper print.

So when you don’t feel like writing, remember to get out and stretch your legs. There’s a story out there for you too.

Don’t Feel Like Writing? Try Those Tips

We all have periods where we don’t feel like writing. It’s a natural thing. But I’m starting to see those times as times where I should be doing other things.

Whenever I feel off in terms of writing, it’s a sign. It’s a sign that I need to get back to my life and to experience it. Whether it’s sitting down and chatting with people, getting outside, or doing something mindless. Whatever the case is, getting away from the document can do you a lot of good.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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