This week was a challenge. When work piles up, it can be difficult to manage. In my case, it got to the point that I have been neglecting my health this week. Of course, the high temperatures and the rain doesn’t help much in getting me to exercise either. That being said, it’s during these times that I need to remind myself of what I can do in situations like this.

 What To Do When Work Piles Up

Have No Excuses

I really shouldn’t have any kind of excuses as to why I neglected working out. Of course, there was my excursion I took last week that left me sore for a few days. However, it shouldn’t have stopped me from getting out for a walk.

In fact, I did manage to go for a walk once during that time. Not to mention there were several times over this week where I suggested to myself to go for a walk. But then the work piles up.

I know I’m one to talk since I’ve been coming up with excuses all week, but there are certainly ways around it. For me, this is a reminder to use those methods and in a sense, I have been.

Find A Way Around

I’ve been busy all week for a variety of reasons. First, there was the launch of my new website. I encourage you all to check it out. It’s called

I’m excited for this new chapter in my life, however with it came a lot of work that frankly I wasn’t anticipating. Paired up with the two clients I’ve been trying to juggle, it’s been difficult to get away from my desk.

What this means for me though is I need to find a way around this. With this new addition to my life, I’ll need to change how I actually do work. From the amount of time that I spend tending to the site and my client work, to squeeze in time for myself.

I’ve kind of been thinking about that this past week and I think I know what I can do to handle it when work piles up on me.

Simplify The Work Load

For sure, getting an assistant at this point would do me wonders. Someone who can help me out with putting social media posts together amongst other things would be great. That being said, I still feel I’m not making a solid enough money to afford that just yet.

In the meantime, I think how I’m approaching my work can be easier as well. Lately, I’ve been adding the same things into the app I use to track my daily tasks. But as this has been going on, little by little, I’ve been shifting my thinking. It’s moving away from “Wow there’s a lot of work to do” to “This is manageable. I got this and it’ll be done quickly.”

Because of this mindset shift, I’m leaving myself open to finishing my work faster and to get into a good workflow as well. I don’t feel overwhelmed or pressured to speed up and finish the work at my own pace. I think from this state of mind, I should be experimenting more on how to better manage my work so I can better manage my health.

When Work Piles Up

When work piles up it can be challenging to manage. But remember, you are in control of how much you work and how quickly you work as well. When we work both hard and smart, we can achieve great things in short periods of time.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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