What The Doctor Doesn’t Say Before Surgery



Going under the knife isn’t an appealing prospect. It doesn’t help that the euphemism involves a sharp, cutting object. Most people would much rather get better naturally using organic recipes and methods. In a perfect world, there wouldn’t be surgeries because acupuncture and homeopathy would solve every ache and pain. As it is, the planet is far from infallible and operations are necessary. A broken bone needs resetting while a disease needs cutting out before it can spread. Although it isn’t nice, it’s the only way in many situations.

Still, everyone should be prepared. That’s why below there is a list of the things doctors don’t say beforehand as well as the solutions.

I’m Young And Inexperienced

The last thing a patient wants to hear is that their surgeon has only graduated from medical school. Sure, a medical professional has to start somewhere but we’d rather they used someone else as a guinea pig. After all, the phrase “learning on the job” is very real. They might be a prodigy who does a great job, yet it feels safer to have an individual with experience holding the knife. The key is to ask about their day to day routine. How many surgeries have they completed? How many do they do a year? Do they specialize in patient care or clinical research?

I’ve Been Sued, Like, A Lot

We live in a world where lawsuits are common. Anyone with a grievance will hire a lawyer to secure their day in court. And, if they get a payout, then that’s all for the better. In some ways, being sued is a part of life for surgeons because cutting a person open isn’t an exact science. The theory is solid yet the practical portion is subjective. Still, there is a chance that they are facing a suit which is justified. Ask them why their rate is so high. Usually, it gives patients insight into their skill levels.

I’ve Been Sued, Like, A Lot



You Might Be Worse, Not Better

Medical negligence is a real thing and it happens. No one likes to think about it, but there is a chance that the body may come out worse and not better. It depends on the surgeon and their team and the complications which arise. In many ways, there is no way to stop an unforeseen circumstance. Of course, experience plays a huge part as does success rate. Still, your role is to prepare for the worst just in case. If there is an issue, you need to fight back with a legal team. Or, if you’re denied your claim then you need to speak to the insurance company.

Office Hours Are 9-5

Don’t assume that a weekend is the best time for surgery. Normally, it’s when the best and most experienced professionals are off work. They need a balance between work and life too. As a rule, it’s best to schedule a session on a banking day during regular office hours. That is when the high-quality employees are in the ward.

Are you scared? Don’t be because doctors are experts. But, do be vigilant to maximize results.


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