Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asking myself things about branding. Specifically what goes into a brand.

With my eyes set on moving out of my parents’ place by September, I’ve got a lot of ideas for what I want to do. Some new streams of income I wish to create and what sort of branding I want to have moving forward. Both with this blog and boostinglowselfesteem.com, one of my pet projects.

While I’ve figured out what is going into a brand with my pet project, there still is a lot of vagueness to this website. Specifically what I want this website to serve and how it’ll be able to fit in with everything I want to do.

After all, everything that you want to be known for has to have a sense of flow and consistency.

If you’re sending mixed messages to your audience your audience will only get confused and lost.

What Goes Into A Brand?

A Brand Gives A Purpose

Brands are as important to writers as they are to entrepreneurs alike. Brands are what give ourselves an identity and an overall purpose.

When people interact with any of our work, our brand explains to them what we are all about.

But brands go a little farther with writers. Ultimately because writers are branding themselves. Just like entrepreneurs who sell a service themselves, their identity is their brand.

That means their brand needs to be clear and explain to people what it’s all about.

As for how I fit into all this, I’ve definitely grown a lot since the start. Branding was the least concern for myself when I started. All I did was strive to help other people as best I can.

Today that is still true. But I do so through various topics. My site is far from the typical self-improvement site it once was and what I write about now has some variety. On Medium you’ll find plenty of mixture of entrepreneurship and self-improvement. Here there are posts on writing, self-improvement, money, and health.

It can seem jumbled until I can give all of these actions a purpose.

Why am I writing about such a wide array of topics?

Because deep down, I’ve discovered my brand and what I want to do with it now.

My brand gives me a purpose and that purpose is this:

I want to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

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Brands Determine Our Actions

When you look into a brand, a brand provides a purpose and that purpose drives our actions. It’s from this where we begin to understand and are able to fit various things into our lives.

It’s no surprise that I’d like to incorporate more videos into this brand. Looking at my Youtube channel I’ve had a mixture of attempts.

I’ve tried vlogging, and putting together videos answering various self-improvement questions.

But now that I’ve had a better grasp of what I want to do, there is more clarity behind what I should do. You won’t be seeing that decision in action just yet, but it will come soon enough on my end.

The clearer the picture you have for what you want to do, the more clarity you’ll have for how to proceed. This is helpful in branding as you’ll be able to see what sort of issues you’ll face. The issue with video creation is staying relevant and fresh. I know this much from my vlogging attempts.

Moving forward, I know if I am to brand myself as a video creator, I’ll need to find a balance between that. So when looking into a brand, you’ll find the actions to be rather unique and speak to the person and their own ambitions. It’s different than how others would proceed.

Make Yourself Into A Brand

How you wish to proceed is up to you. Your actions define your brand moving forward, however we can be flexible. The beauty of branding and starting out is that we’re clueless yet flexible.

People won’t care as much if you change what you’re about if you have a small audience. As long as it speaks kind of to who you were before that’s all that matters.

For example, my brand is all about helping other people. I’ve explained before that a positive life is different for every person. But for me it’s living the life you want, to be successful. Now, it’s smarter for me to be branding myself more directly. As I move forward with my work, I should be clearer and more direct about my intentions.

I want you all to succeed with me and I want to provide the tools along the way to do that. Simple as that.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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