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This week is big week for myself as this is the first week where I’m trying out a new diet: the blood type diet. It’s a diet that was formulated by Dr. D’Adamo, entirely based on our own blood type. For more information specifically on the diet, you can check it out here.

Anyway today I’ll be talking about why I’m specifically making this change. I also would like to talk about my strategy revolving around this.

Let’s dive in.

Blood Type

Based on my blood type (O type), the meals I’m supposed to be having are primarily meat based. This is important to be keeping in mind especially since recently I’ve been doing those Paleo Days.

However, as I’ve been doing Paleo Days, I’ve been noticing a few things that can cause some issues if I’m not careful. It’s gotten to the point where as much as this blood type diet is literally telling me to go Paleo, I’m not.

In fact I think now especially with running a business, Paleo isn’t that suitable for me.

The Problems With Paleo Days

One of the big problems is mood swings. As I mentioned in my recent 90 day fit for life video, I was getting mood swings. I wasn’t getting angry or frustrated. What was happening was I didn’t want to do anything but the bare minimum.

Even with that it still felt like a lot of work.

It was then that I realized that I still need at least some level of carbs in my body. It’s the main reason I’ve gone and bought rye bread and I also have sweet potatoes.

The second issue I had with Paleo Days were more of the days that lead up to it. Of course I’ve been limiting how much carbs I was eating before. However the issue lays more in the foods my family eats on a regular basis.

I’ve said time and again that making shifts in eating can be tricky when you’re the only one in the family who makes those changes. As much as I believe I could go full Paleo despite that, I’m willing to try this blood type out.

Already I’ve done enough research to know what to eat and looking at it, it’s not really out of the way of what I have been eating.

The Exercising

Also, Dr. D’Adamo provided an outline of what sort of exercising each blood type is supposed to. Since I’m O blood type, it’s up to me to do aerobics. That’s jogging, and walking amongst other things. Though since I can’t get into jogging right now (I still weight a lot) I’m stuck with walking.

However I’m not too worried about that as Dr. D’Adamo recommends this exercise three to four times per week for 30 to 45 minutes.

This isn’t an issue as I typically walk for an hour whenever I do go outside. Furthermore I plan to some light grocery runs which will take me at least two hours of walking. This will be harder during the winter months, however it’s still good to do this during the winter.

Not to mention I’ll be shovelling once winter starts so that’ll be a good workout.

To top that off I’ll still be doing 15 minutes of strength training three times per week.


With all of this in mind the biggest thing for myself is to commit to it. Using some of my tricks to convince myself to do small tasks, I broke it down into small things I need to do.

Putting things into retrospect, the overall shift in my diet isn’t that drastic. Furthermore my meal plans are simple and straight-forward:

  • An energy boosting breakfast
  • A salad for lunch with veggies and one protein.
  • For supper it’s a protein, a side, and veggies.

The only other thing is my exercising which isn’t that difficult. Again I know I’ll have those two hour walks being involved. Not to mention I tend to go for a walk after my work-outs any way.

The only big thing is pushing myself to do the exercising which is a very easy sell. I’m doing sit-ups and push-ups every day, I can do a longer work out session right after no problem.

I think the biggest thing is honestly that: selling yourself on how simple all of this is.

Being A Better Me

I’m hustling to better myself day by day and I’d like others to join in on the adventure.

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To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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