Week 50 Blog Report – Let’s Keep Hustling

This week was an interesting week, but one thing I want to say is this: let’s keep hustling! The first half of this week I was a little distracted. I was breaking my momentum a little. The idea was starting this week off running. But after Monday, I didn’t do my jogging or my exercising.

Even in these cases now I still haven’t sat down and did a full exercise session. But at the same time there were some victories and there are some things I’m proud about this week.

I’m Proud That I Ran

I realized on Wednesday I was getting distracted and pulled away from my goals. I even wrote a little about it. It’s in those very instances where I tell myself to make a change. To take a step back and look at my goals and what I want to be accomplishing.

After that, I was able to push myself to jogging. Even when I wrestle with myself a little I still do it. Every time I’ve gone for a walk, I’ve done 10 minutes of jogging. It’s a step forward and I can certainly use this mentality for my workouts as well.

I’m Proud That I’ve Gotten Back To Video Creating

I told myself “let’s keep hustling” and that means for me as well to get back to making videos. Thus far I posted two this week, however I’ll be posting even more in the days and months to come. I want to finish off the videos for this adventure, to see it through until the very end.

There is still room for improvement and experimenting in these videos. But I believe I’ve found a good way to present everything. Now it’s more of a matter of marketing it better. Still it’s a step forward. Here’s the latest video:

Let’s Keep Hustling!

And finally I’m proud this week that I’m still hustling. I’m keeping my momentum and primarily it’s because of one thing. I’ve found a purpose. A mindset that works better for me than before and that I use regularly. It’s giving me the confidence that I need to reach out. To be a little bolder in my actions.

And even though it took me a long time to get there, it’s worth the journey and the wait. It’s what makes journeys all the more worthwhile.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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