Yesterday I attended an event called a Brain-A-Thon. I’ll be talking more about it as the new week rolls out, however one particular theme is worth talking about now. Especially when it comes to goals. That is to visualize your success.

Here is why visualizing your success is so important, but also some steps that you can take to achieve it.

The Big Why

As you are aware our brain is divided into two sections. The logical side as well as the creative side. Even though one side is our dominant side, it’s still important to use both sides. And as I’ve been learning I find it’s especially important to use our creative sides further.

It’s important for us to be creative for a variety of reasons. One of those reasons is for visualization. When you visualize something you need to have some level of imagination. I know for myself I wouldn’t be making a little bit of money from this if I didn’t imagine myself climbing out of this situation.

Even lately I’ve been imagining myself paying my student debt in one payment.

But it’s because of that visualization and that determination that got me here. I know it can do the same for everyone else.

Visualizing Your Success

The first step to visualize your success is to have a clear mind of what you want to achieve. Whether that’s losing weight, making a certain amount of money, having a better relationship, or whatever. You need to visualize it. You need your goal, but also your why.

If you struggle with that I’d consider asking yourself questions or doing research. Think of someone that you know that is fitter than you, wealthier than you, or in a loving relationship. But instead of comparing what they have, ask yourself what is it that they are doing that you aren’t?

In a sense you are comparing as they are certainly doing something that you’re not. The thing is though, you can do what they are doing and can get the same results. Perhaps you can get there faster or it might take you longer. Either way you know what you can do to get there.

Start practicing that and experimenting. You never know where it’ll take you!

Visualize Your Action

After that, begin to visualize your action. Whether it’s waking up bright and early and going for a walk or doing some push-ups. The idea is to think and imagine yourself doing it.

In other words: you want to rehearse without rehearsing.

You want to do this so much that when you actually do it, you’ll do it.

What can also help in this step is visualizing how you would feel during and after as well. Think of the joy or relief you’d feel after. Or how much energy you’d have afterwards.

It’s That Simple

That’s the basics of it. Over this next week I want to share with you some more details of things that you can do to further visualize your goals.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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