Week 46 – A Time To Focus

This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind. It was a week where I wanted to make a lot of progress and in essence I did. Looking over this week I realized this was a time to focus. To truly figure out where I want to go. Or at least identify what sort of skills I’m good at and double down in it.

Though there is still much for me to do in that regard, I feel I have taken a step up from where I was before with all of this. By taking the time to tell myself my skills lay in writing, compared to marketing.

That Identification Is Key To My Success

Again I’m not saying to stop pursuing marketing for myself and the same goes for any skill out there. Instead learn to realize that there is a time for you to stop and ask someone else. Or in this case pay someone to teach you and do it for you for a time.

This can be difficult for people as some people are stubborn and wish to do things themselves. I’m much like that mainly due to my limited finances.

However being able to delegate as soon as you can is vital as some people have the resources, but never use them.

Focus On Connecting

Another thing I’ve been learning more is focusing on connecting with people and building my network. I want to be reflecting my goals with this intention even more. Now that I have a better understanding of where I want to go, it’s a matter of telling myself how I’ll go about it.

As I’ve iterated before that is what I believe we must do to grow. Create a simple plan and then take action. There are many people who vouch for this strategy.

But More Importantly…

Don’t try to rush things in your life. Learn to take the time to disconnect and digest information. There is a time to focus, but there is also a time to take a break.

Muddle through the information.

Discover yourself even more.

I doubt I’d be able to identify those things if I didn’t go for my walks or take breaks. I would’ve been too wrapped up in work.

So pause and breath. Even take a day where you don’t post anything on social media. Give people a bit of a break.

Even though your posts may be giving tremendous value, absence can be a very powerful tactic. It allows you to weed out the people who will stand by you and share your content.

Those are the people I want in my own network and I know I can get there. It’s a matter of taking my time, working hard when it’s the time to, and continue to learn about myself.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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