Week 37 and 38 – Setback and Redemption

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There will be days we have setbacks

Things don’t go as planned, we fail, we fall down. Many people stop at that point of doing whatever they are striving for.

I believe that it’s seemingly natural for us to stop doing things that are intense or painful. Much like me and my intense exercising. I’ve been putting it off a lot, avoiding it. What for? Because I didn’t have a computer for a long time? That I believed I couldn’t work?

I’m sorry, but I’m going to call myself out.

That’s bullshit

 Yes I’ll admit that I’ve been lazy about it, but whatever reason I’ve been persuading in my head is absolute bullshit. I’ve even been saying on camera that whatever excuse I’ve been coming up with there isn’t one.

That’s what I’ve been reminding myself.

That whatever excuse I’m trying to feed myself is bullshit and it’s up to me push that away.

The same applies for you as well

There are always times that we have setbacks and we come up with excuses. Some times it can be something minor such as skipping a day of exercising or not doing that important thing.

You know the thing.

The thing is though you have two options:

Either you can continue to bullshit your way out of it or;

You can fucking redeem yourself, get some redemption for once.

Sorry for the language, it’s not in my nature. When you’ve put up with coming up with excuses for most of your life you get tired of it. Especially when you are still struggling with it.

We can redeem ourselves

My point is I believe we all can get that redemption and week 37 and 38 has helped me to realize that. Already I’m getting back to doing my challenges and yesterday I said I’m tired. Tired of sounding like a broken record, tired of saying pretty much the same thing.

I want to redeem myself by talking about something more tangible. Something practical that can help.

True this is about my journey, but people aren’t getting anything overly helpful with me talking a little about my struggles. My struggles, I’ve realized are very repetitive. That’s probably why I’ve stopped even making a post on my blog showing them off. It’s so repetitive.

But I’ve been critical about my work to the point to know that me writing this isn’t berating my work. It’s identifying a problem that I need to grow from. I can redeem myself!

Week 37 and 38 helped me to realize this a lot more. I know well to not come up with excuses, but be more conscious of when I’m coming up with excuses. There is no need for it and I need to be filling myself up with positivity.

We can’t remove excuses

However what is possible is to focus on positivity. Practice positive affirmations, remind ourselves we are strong, smart, beautiful. When we don’t believe that, remember, this is only one version of ourselves. There is always a better version and for that it’s again cutting the bullshit, and go out! Do something about it!

Today I am READY! I am ready to learn, to grow and to change. I won’t worry about the unknown. Instead I will revel in the excitement of what lay in store for me.

Let’s do this!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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