Over this past week, I’ve been working hard on moving more. Both in my business, but also in my life as well. As I am working on something new and exciting, I am reminding myself to get up and move around, as such I am picking up a few other habits that I am slowly developing. I’d like to talk about that progress today.


Moving More

Ironing Out My Day

One of the big things is I have yet another schedule to keep me on track and to help me focus on the future. Day to day I have a few things I need to do, but also each day I focus on something in particular.

Although the focus is on my business, it still allows me time to squeeze in exercising and in general moving around. This is important as my job, like many others, is a stationary one where moving doesn’t happen a lot. I’ve also mitigated that by doing something else.

Exercising Before Sitting

Later on in the day after my training regimen, every time I get up out of my chair,  before I sit down, I have to do some exercises. Right now it’s 20 push-ups, however, I’d like to refine it over the months to come.

Now before you get thinking that I hardly move around much, that’s simply not the case. Primarily because I have been developing other habits.

Drinking More Water

I mentioned at the beginning of the year I got a HydrateSpark for Christmas. Although the batteries in the sensor have died, I can still use the water bottle and make a habit of routinely filling it up.

Not to mention I am quite the heavy drinker of water. Not to mention it does a number on the bathroom runs considering my body still is getting adjusted to how much water I am drinking.

As a result, I am moving between my desk and other areas of the house quite often.

Trips In Town

The last thing that I do to be moving more is taking trips in town. Now that I have a growing income, I can afford to do a little spending. Although my spending is for good reason, it still doesn’t change the fact I have to walk into town all the time in order to get something. The exercise is great and again with warmer weather and me wearing sunscreen, I have fewer worries about my health problems.


In the end, I am making a lot of progress on my health and it all stems from these small things that I do every day. This is often the case with growing, and it’s important to recognize and enjoy these just as much as the massive leaps as well.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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