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A lot of things can be said for this week but one thing that stood out the most was of course mentorship. I mentioned a mentor a few times in my writings this week. And for the first time in a long time, I have a mentor now helping me out. You could say it’s a risky move, much like what my dad thinks, but you have to keep in mind, I’ve been doing this for a year now with little results almost exclusively on my own.

My dad thinks that I’m paying for this because I feel like I need to pay to be taught, but I think it’s understandable in this situation that this isn’t the case. I’ve been working for a year making progress, but not anything substantial. And I can tell you what my mentor is telling me right now I wouldn’t be able to get from a book or a site I can read for free. Where some people can see an average video, she sees room that I can improve my overall content. 

Not to mention that I also get a fair bit more stuff than just her business experience, it’s well worth the $40 or so per month. Especially since I believe it will help skyrocket my growth and momentum.


The other thing of course is all of the changes that I’ve been making. They have been rather minor, but they are important ones moving forward. First is my choice of text fonts. I’ll be keeping the same font for my text in these posts the same as they always have been, but everything else is changing. This font is cleaner and sharper and it suits me a little more.

The other thing is of course my new content. I didn’t post many videos this week, but I did post one late this week giving a sort of update of what my content will be changing to. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

I’m sticking to this video as my sort of work week update since literally my time was dedicated to planning out this. But also what I want to do with it moving forward. So if you don’t know why I didn’t record another video it’s because of that.

Slight Adjustments

But I also I want to be tweaking my usual content, or content I used to make. I believe what’s important is to put an emphasis on quality rather than quantity in this case. Yes it’s clearly possible for me to put out daily content, and starting Tuesday when I start this 90 day challenge, it will be easy. However I still want to be posting other content aside from that. Again more along the lines of positivity and mindset. Not to mention doing streams.

This sort of stuff will reduce the amount of videos I put out. But it’ll also ensure I take the time to plan out things and learn how to properly attract attention and grow from that. Instead of worrying about pushing out content, I’m focusing on how to stretch my content. And most of that involves you, the consumer.

Lesson I Learned

I’ve learned a lot this past week, which means my mentor is doing a good job in guiding me. I like her direct nature, even though it has put me on the defence slightly, but I’m getting past that. My content is indeed valuable to me and I do know that it’s being sold short. But what I have to remind myself is the feedback I’ve gotten has been poor with regards to growth. Some people like it, and when people don’t like it they tell me to get a job or stop making videos. I didn’t have anyone I could really turn to when it comes to the process of making the content. I’m thankful for that.

But that’s not the major lesson I learned. The major thing is to keep it short and simple.

All this week my mentor has been drilling this concept in my head, and I have been as well. Getting it to really sink into my brain. I’ve done this with my content (or at least it will be), my branding, and even the formatting of these posts. Keep everything as simple and short as possible.

“Over the top” growth

I believe what brought me to overthinking my growth is that I have to do some over the top things. That the people who make it have to do some extraordinary feat to breakthrough. And with my limited tools, I had to maximize them and experiment. Yes experimenting is good and I believe people should do that, but I think it’s important to not lose sight of your brand or who you are.

One thing I’ve been working on is adding humour in my content and it’s developed into this sort of flamboyant over the top thing. My mentor clearly noticed that and said there was a disconnection there. I believe her because even when I attempt to be funny or that exaggerated it’s a little forced. It’s not really who I am and what I stand for. Yes I’m energetic, but there’s many other ways I can show that off. By putting energy in my words.

There will always be other ways to show that off.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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