It’s time I’m stepping up exercising. My experiences with working out and how you can overcome procrastination on exercising. 

As I said at the start, my goal for this challenge is to be a healthier individual. The road towards this has been difficult and the main hurdle for me to overcome is exercising. In all my life, exercising wasn’t something I was fond of. It’s painful.

Although now I know that’s the whole point of exercising, back when I was younger I didn’t see that. In gym class I didn’t push myself nor feel committed to even doing basic stretches. For me, my struggle has been overcoming that and convincing myself that I need to do this.

Stepping Up Exercising

All that changed this week as I drove myself to working out five times this week and I’m happy to say that I followed through with it. That still doesn’t take away the fact that this was still a battle despite what I know about mindsets. Especially my own mindset and how I think and work.

It goes to show that even when you know things and you know you shouldn’t avoid something or don’t do it, you’ll do it anyway. Our brain is a powerful thing and only through extensive habits and determination that we can push through.

Even though exercising is still difficult for me, I continue to remind myself of the goal and why I’m doing this. This is but one strategy to achieve whatever you desire in your own life to be better a person. That being said, here’s a few other tricks you can use that I found worked for me in the past. Not only that but they still work today as long as you consistently use them.

Just Do It

I talked about several weeks ago about taking action. One thing you can do is even when you don’t feel like doing something, start the initial steps. I do this with writing at times when I have a lot on my plate. Whenever I feel like not doing work I start writing anyway. I focus on it for a solid two to five minutes and from there I’m already writing up an entire post or several.

This same strategy I use for my exercising as well. I was able to cram a three day back to back exercising session all because I sold myself on doing five push ups. Five push ups turned into ten and then I moved to sit-ups and a 15 minute work out routine.

Challenge Yourself And Experiment

This week was a step up in my workouts as I typically exercise three times a week. It’s why I’m make sort of a big deal about doing it five times. It’s out of my typical norm and what I’m used to. But that’s the point.

Our lives and even our business is one big experiment. We have no clue what will happen. I recently challenged myself to stick to a three day meal replacement shake cleanse. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I pulled through surprisingly.

The thing with challenges and doing different things like that is that it expands your mind. Before I did that three day challenge, I was in sort of a panic mode. My brain was getting to me a little bit. But after I got through the first day and said “Yeah I got this, I’m not starving half to death here.” my brain calmed down and I got through the two other days with little problem.

You can do this in your own life. If you want to break the habit of drinking too much coffee, challenge yourself to only drink water throughout the entire day for a week or two. Another thing to consider is giving out compliments and expressing gratitude. Every day list three things you are grateful for and strive to compliment people you engage with on a day to day.

Everything Is In Your Grasp When You Push

Success stems from a variety of sources. By stepping up exercising in my own life, I feel I’ve grown more successful. Yes it was a battle to do it, but what matters most in all of our efforts is the end result and what you take away from it. Many times I’ve tried to do this (exercise five times a week) and failed in the past. I didn’t quite understand nor had a proper strategy to approach this.

But through time and learning and doing these recent experiments I’ve developed my brain enough to think this is possible and not out of the ordinary. Yeah exercising is painful, but what will hurt me even more is staying comfortable with the figure I have which I don’t want.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon


mstturpin · January 28, 2018 at 3:13 pm

For me, there’s definitely a link between physical exercise and productivity/creativity. But, it’s so easy to slack off and just sit on the couch! I’ve started using a fitbit, and it motivates me to get my steps in, at the very least I’m not just sitting around. I also purchased a pack of yoga classes, now I’m motivated because I don’t like to waste money. You are right that what matters most is the end result, it will be worth it.

    Eric Burdon · January 29, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    That’s awesome! Good on you! I have a fitbit as well that I haven’t worn for months now. I’ve got the charger on my desk but I have been seriously slacking on it. I think I do want to be putting it back on and getting those steps in again. I think it’ll help me to prioritize stuff. This week though I want to clear things up in my head and get a better direction of where I want to be going with everything.

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