There’s many reasons out there for why you need to do it. But here’s a few more techniques that can prompt you to do the things that you need to do to take action. In the end, you are the spark that starts your actions. So let’s light that spark.

We are now a full week into the new year and things can be shaky for many people. For some there’s commitment and following through on goals and objectives. Others are lagging behind.

Although it’s important to remember that everyone works at their own pace, people may be slow or stop entirely for various reasons. Whether there is too many things to do, or right now simply isn’t the right time.

Either way, regardless of the excuse you make, you need to do it anyway. Whatever that happens to be.

Let’s go into detail on why it’s so important to follow through with your commitments. Regardless of if you know this or not, still read on as even the mighty and consistent can become distracted and crumble.

Making Commitments

I’ve talked about in the past that our brains like making excuses. But these excuses are doubly worse. When we don’t follow through with things, it tells our brain there is no chance at all that we’ll succeed that way.

What this means is that in order to overcome it, we need to work twice as hard from the beginning.

Once to convince ourselves we got this.

Secondly to actually follow through this time.

When we buy into our own excuses, we are buying into our own bullshit. From there you can do two things: keep feeding yourself bullshit, or redeem yourself.

This week for me in progress has been great, but there are still things I’m working into my life once more, like exercising. It’s this year that I want to stop feeding myself bullshit.

That being said, the commitments that I am making are good for me as well. Firstly I’m far more active on my facebook page. Secondly I’m drinking a lot more water since I do struggle to remind myself to drink it.

One of my Christmas gifts has really helped me with staying on track.

But it’s this particular Christmas gift I got plus a variety of other things that has led me to why it’s so important for us to need to do it. To take action in our own lives.

You Are Your Own Spark

I made a Instagram story about it yesterday and I mentioned it in this weeks’ video as well. You are your own spark to creating action.

It’s this particular technique that allows us to commit and follow through on the stuff we want to do.

To live a positive life is to be your own spark and lighter. It’s something that no motivational content can ever do. No speaker will force you forward in your life. But naturally we can inspire you to consider lighting yourself up and starting that spark.

This is the main reason why we need to do it. The importance of following through.

Go ahead right now and remind yourself that. Send a tweet below.

You are your own spark.

That being said, this isn’t anything new or extraordinary. We have to take action in order to see results and make progress in our lives.

But again people are so quick to come up with excuses and talk themselves out of stuff.

Some of the regrets of people who are on their deathbeds is the fact they didn’t do what they really wanted to do. They didn’t travel or see that concert. Nor did they follow up on that idea that could’ve changed the world.

They kept it inside and didn’t commit. They didn’t even try.

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Keep Sparking

This year I’m making a commitment to sparking. Like I said above, I don’t want to feed myself bullshit and I think it’s important for me to start taking some more serious steps.

I’ve been working hard on my business and have made some momentum, but it’s time to develop on that side. Now it’s time to pay attention to the other side, my health, my own self.

I know there wasn’t a lot about me this time around, but I think the biggest achievement is that over the holidays I didn’t pack on more weight. Now it’s time for me to start losing a lot more weight.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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