This year might not have been the best Christmas, but I received many helpful items for my journey forward. In this post I reflect on that and this whole year, trying to sum it up in one clear post.

This is the last major post I’ll be publishing in 2017.

It’s both exciting and a little sad. Exciting as I know what I typically do in these kinds of posts. Sad that I only really get to do these once a year.

Of course I’d like to spend time reflecting and talking a little more about myself in this post, but as usual I’d like this to help you live a more positive life as well. So to make things interesting I’ll be writing about what I learned and how that can help you in the new year.

2018 can be the greatest year for you, or can be a complete and utter disaster. That’s all determined by your own perspective, who you choose to listen to, and how you respond to everything around you.

My Year In Focus

This year was a big year for me. It started off as normal, my overall situation didn’t shift. I was a guy with a direction for my YouTube channel, I was writing a book (which flopped), and publishing as much content as I could on this blog.

By all means the starting off this year was rough for me. With pressure to find work in an industry I don’t honestly care about, I have to admit I was at a breaking point. Of course if I was still treading that path I’d still probably be stubborn about it and be writing about how you want to keep pushing through and achieve your dreams.

I know now, with everything I’ve gone through that that is partially true. Yes, be stubborn with your goals. Stand firm with them.

But you want to be bolder about them too. Do things that you wouldn’t otherwise do. The only reason I started to make money online consistently is because I sifted through my bookmarks, found some sites that can help generate income and applied.

That’s by far the biggest and best Christmas gift for myself: the reminder that being stubborn is great, but back it up with hustle.

Being stubborn is great, but back it up with hustle.

Deeper Focus

I feel that that simple lesson was the general theme for my entire year of 2017. I won’t lie or sugar-coat it, I was a mess. It’s still sinking in that since I started this blog, I spent a little over two years, wasting most of my time.

By all means, writing on a consistent basis helped keep things afloat for me as I realized a number of things thanks to my writing. But aside from that I feel I was bumbling around with no real direction.

I had scattered goals that changed every month, a Youtube channel with no real direction or clarity, and I was working on a book which I will admit was very rushed. The only true redeeming qualities I had was the fact I was writing consistently, growing little by little, and had a bunch of ideas.

It wasn’t until June that I got my shit together and started focusing on what really mattered.

That was my turning point and the momentum that I’ve gotten over the past months has been great. But now is the time for me to really leverage it. To push myself to the next level.

Best Christmas Gift

The best Christmas gift I can give to you all, even though it’s past Christmas, is simply some lessons. What this year taught me is a lot more than what I can write in this short post.

As much as I bashed myself above, the thing is is you don’t need to have all your shit together in order to grow or get somewhere grand.

Yes it’ll be a lot harder, after all it took me until my second year running this blog to generate any semblance of money, however the main thing is that you do sort it out eventually.

Like a car that’s stalling you’ll make a little bit of progress but  it’s producing waste and can seem like a waste of time. Learn to fix the engine or the car in general, take the time to stop hustling, take a step back and think things through logically.

By doing that I realized I needed to focus on one, writing. I also learned setting monthly goals and making videos and posts about them got me nowhere.

It was only this month that I realized that my book is a flop. Furthermore, why I pushed myself to do it was to tell myself “I can publish a book.” It was good intentions, but it was a mixed message for me when I was working on the book at the time.

These realizations came from stepping back and reflecting. I encourage you all to take the time to do this now. How are you progressing on your goals? Have you lost the direction or purpose of the goal itself? Go and find it if you did and get excited about it again.

Let’s all make 2018, our year!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon


Brisa Marie · January 1, 2018 at 5:14 pm

I love how honest you are in this post. Literally what inspires me to keep writing! I totally appreciate how candid you are about the struggle. This year was definitely difficult for me financially, mentally, emotionally, YOU NAME IT. And because of it I found my focus drift away from my blog. I still love it, but when real life overwhelms you, it is the easiest thing for me to ignore. I am trying really hard to get my life together, but in honesty you are 100% correct, “the thing is is you don’t need to have all your s*** together in order to grow or get somewhere grand.” So fingers cross and lets hope I get somewhere grand too!

    Eric Burdon · January 2, 2018 at 11:38 am

    Thank you very much Brisa! I’m glad that I’m able to help in some way! Life certainly has a way of overwhelming you, but what’s important in those kinds of situations I feel is to ask yourself why you started this. Why do you want to continue writing. Jeff Goins sent an email out to his email list the other day talking about writing goals as a lot of people set resolutions around this time. He said instead of saying “I want to write several articles” or “I want to publish a book”, start by setting a writing goal such as “I want to write 500 words.” That could also help you out as well. I know you’ll be able to make it though! It’s a matter of building habits!

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