As the days go by that I continue to practice my exercises, the one thing I can say is I’m feeling slimmer. Though feeling and actually being slimmer are of two completely different things. Especially when weighting myself on Saturday morning and seeing I’ve gained weight.

I’m not at all embarrassed about it, however I see it as a step backwards from where I was obviously. Though looking over this past week there are more things, I clearly need to be working around. These will certainly lead me to a more active change.


I am happy to say my daily workout is coming along smoothly. Every day I find myself doing my sit-ups, push-ups and various exercises on a consistent basis.

However the same can’t be said for my walking. No doubt that is likely why I’ve gaining weight as I have been moving much less this past week than usual. The reason for that is typical for me:

winter is coming.


It’s rather silly I know, but clearly it’s a strong excuse in my head (and perhaps many others) to not want to go for a walk in the cold. Furthermore New Brunswick winters are a special kind of winter. But I know for myself if I really want to do it, I’ll have to strike a balance with myself.

It’s great that I am committing myself to doing exercising inside, however I need to commit myself to some kind of movement. It doesn’t have to be something outdoor necessarily, but still something that gets me moving.

If you are like me where you don’t really like the cold (or at least exercising outside in the cold), I’ve got a few ideas to consider already. Some things we can try are of course purchasing indoor equipment. This can be helpful but the equipment is expensive and there are cheaper alternatives.

Some more practical things would be to devote some time to getting out of your chair and walking around for ten minutes.

Or if you are really creative you can create your own makeshift exercise bike by strapping a bike to a wooden block that keeps it in place.

That or you know, stop being a pansy and go for a walk in the cold.

It’s a work in process, but I know I’ll get there.


Nutrition for myself on the other hand is coming along better as well. There are still some cravings I need to sort out, but again I find myself in that rut typically when food is running low.

I believe for myself the biggest thing is to slow down when I’m eating. It’s been helping me a little especially since I remind myself to drink water before, after, and during meals. I’ve been getting good about that.

Still it’s something that I can work on even more to ensure I stay on top of it. Overall I can’t say much about the blood type all except I’m progressing backwards. Though at the same time I haven’t been following what the blood type diet recommends exercise-wise.

Regardless I’m still developing the habits slowly but surely and as a result I’m putting myself into a state where I’m feeling slimmer. I feel this way despite the fact I gained weight and I still have a ways to go.

Don’t Crack Under Excuses

The biggest thing though to keep in mind is to not crack under excuses. I’ve said time and time again in this journey it’s easy to indulge in cravings and break habits. It’s also incredibly easy to make excuses. But as I’m slowly training myself to exercise daily, I feel I’m making headway.

It’s only been a few months, but I’ve mentioned before how difficult it was to exercise daily. I was coming up with all kinds of excuses. Yet here I am writing about how easy it is.

I think the biggest thing that happened is I told myself to give it one more shot and truly commit to it. It’s made a difference in my progress. I feel stronger than before and overall better because I’m doing that.

And that’s made a huge difference.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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