For a few weeks now I’ve been following the blood type diet, sticking to it’s ways and exercising when I can. For a recap, with my blood type, I am to be eating high proteins with a limited amount of grain and dairy.

Overall the experience has been good. I’ve gotten some cravings that I need to work on, but overall I’m sticking to the foods I am supposed to and continuing to make adjustments. Here’s a detailed look at my experiences.


Exercising for me has been relatively easy to do. I’ve found myself being able to exercise every day with very little encouragement to get myself to do my sit-ups and push-ups.

Every day I’m pushing myself more and more in it and I’m finding myself able to do more reps without taking breaks in-between.

Like I said in the past, I have a habit out of doing twenty or thirty reps before pausing. Even though my original plan was to do fifty and then pause.

I’ve been having less and less issues in that area and found myself going through 50 sit-ups. Still covered in sweat, but at least I’m not pausing in the middle of the set.

Push-ups is still an area I need to work on as I’m able to only do ten at a time before stopping. There was once this week I did twenty in a sitting but it’s clear I need to work on that.

One of the big things I’m proud about in my exercises is taking my time to breath as well. Of course breathing is essential when working out, but this was something I struggled with in the past.

There was a time a while ago where I focused more on speed as opposed to breathing and properly building strength.

All in all I’ve got a good framework to build off of exercise-wise.

Eating Habits

As I said in my video this week, there is a small shift in foods I’m eating. Specifically the major changes in my diet is I am to avoid ham, bacon, avocado, cauliflower amongst other things.

Those four items I listed off are the only foods that I would habitually eat on an daily or weekly basis.

So in the end, what this diet is asking me isn’t a major shift. Although I am supposed to be reducing the amount of grain products I’m eating.

I am hedging that however by eating rye bread instead of the standard whole wheat or multigrain bread. As per my blood type I am allowed to eat rye and in fact is suggested.

That being said, grain products in general is still something I need to adjust to. Furthermore I’ll need to work on cravings as well. It’s only because we have halloween candy.

Regardless, I believe I followed this diet rather well despite those cravings. I haven’t been running into mood swings which is helpful.

I have my structured meal plan to thank for that. That is a light breakfast, and a salad for lunch. It’s then complete with a meat, side, and veggies for supper.

With this meal plan, I’m finding myself energized and getting full from the foods I’m eating. This allows me to relay on that when I get cravings. So even though I do get them, I tend to take less and don’t find myself binging on unhealthy foods.

Closing Summary

I believe through following this diet, it’ll be easier for me to make adjustments and grow from this. I don’t see my cravings getting really out of hand as I can eat almost anything.

The only real struggles are how much am I to limit grains. Furthermore, to stick to those limitations through each week.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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