Easing In – Wednesday May 10 2017

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Today I am Ready

Ready to tackle the rest of the week. Prepared for any obstacles that face me. Ready to get my ass into gear and get shit done!

But also to keep in mind that even when I don’t make giant leaps or bounds, it’s okay. Like the quote above said, speed isn’t everything. Work until you are satisfied.

And that’s what I did yesterday, I was easing in. Easing into my work and the system that I use to stay organized and productive.

There’s still some missing parts, but overall I got a lot of things done. For one I have all the really important passwords to go to the sites I use frequently. That was a pain and I did have a program that stored all of that but not anymore.

I also finished proofreading my book

I’ll be doing a quick scan, adjusting words and such. It should be done today. I’m looking forward to it since it’s been several months in the making.

But I’m not here to be talking too much about that. I want to be talking about the whole process: easing in.

I’ve probably used those words before to explain getting back up and trying again. That’s really the gist of what I’m getting at with the concept.

Moving from one way of living and slowly changing it either into something new, or what it was like before.

But I believe there is more to easing in than that

Thinking back to it now, I believe there are certain triggers that prompt you to think or act a certain way. For the past week, I spent my time watching movies and playing video games. I could’ve been working still since I had my phone. But I didn’t.

My phone wasn’t a major part of my routine and still really isn’t. I’ve played it up in my mind that a laptop or a desktop can allow me to do so much more. It’s true. But it’s gotten to the point where I disregard my phone unless I’m posting on Instagram.

Yeah it’s water under the bridge and I don’t want to be beating myself up about the rather lazy week. But there is still work to be done. Specifically in how I go about things.

My lifestyle will be changing and I’ll have to be somewhat comfortable with the new changes. Enough to ease in without too much difficulty. Ensuring all the cogs fit together and move smoothly.

When you have setbacks, don’t be afraid to admit them

I believe that’s a lesson I can take out from this whole experience. This past week has been a mess and it’s my fault. I’ve explained it a little bit in my videos. I’ve said it’s entirely on me that I’ve been so unproductive. There’s no excuses and yes it makes me look bad.

But I won’t beat myself up about it. Nor will I justify my reasons. There’s no point on dwelling on it.

Yesterday I was productive and made progress on a number of things. It was a good day and it energized me to put myself out there and get more things done.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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