Wednesday April 19 2017

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Rocky Start

Yesterday was a great day to make a lot of progress, though I felt I started off on the wrong foot a bit. I didn’t feel as prepared for the day and was a little bit behind in my work in the morning. I didn’t let that get to me and when I got to focusing on my work I made progress. What really held me back was recording Day 1 of my new 90 day challenge that I’m doing. Things simply didn’t want to work yesterday for whatever reason.

First was my batteries died in my camera and then when recording on my laptop my microphone didn’t work. So I stuck with the built in one. I hope I don’t run into the same issues this time around.

Anyway this led me to making breakfast at about noon, but since I had a talk with Orly Wahba at 1pm I had to put off food until after.

Talk with Orly

There were a few complications with getting the talk all set up on my end. My internet decided around that time it would be a good idea to stop working and be very slow again. I’m not complaining about it, but it can obviously throw a wrench into my plans. Thankfully it started working again at exactly 1pm when we were to have that talk.

Overall the talk went very well. I loved Orly’s energy and we talked about our books, the process of writing it before we delved further into the questions I had for her. What she had to say was very enlightening. I’ve heard some of it before, however how she explained it it seemed to click in my head at last. I’ve really figured out what I need to be doing moving forward and really it comes down to..

Being Genuine

I’ve talked about last week when my mentor encouraged me to be more genuine in my videos, but it’s worth talking more about it. Especially since Orly touched on the fact that being genuine with content and who you are is important. Orly said people want to connect with other people so it’s important to not put a front up for people.

I  believe that I’m working on being genuine, understanding what I want to get out of life and where I want to be going. Of course I’ll be learning along the way, we all do. So I believe that even though our shoes may be a bit too big or too small, we will adapt and fit into them eventually. We’re human after all.

Reaching Out

But what Orly said further, and I think it’s important as well, is to go out and reach out to other people. Not necessarily pitching a product or asking for a certain action, but genuinely thanking people. Once you talk to them and connect more with them, then you can start asking. It’s important to make people realize first that there is a person behind the screen. Orly said that she believes that so many people’s growth are barred in some cases. Because they don’t reach out or behave a certain way when it comes to a massive gathering of people. And I believe her too.

So always remember, reach out, don’t be afraid to talk. I’m an email away or a comment away. But also don’t be afraid to be genuine!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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