Wednesday April 12 2017

Quote Of The Day

“Never underestimate the difference you can make in the lives of others. Step forward, reach out, and help.”


Yesterday began with a lot of promise in it. Getting up and typing up my daily journal, I already began thinking of typing these a little bit differently than I have been lately. I want this to feel more like a journal of my journey than me talking about various sections that don’t really tie in with what I’m doing. For sure showing gratitude, and talking about my mindset is important, but I’m talking about having a specific section dedicated to me talking about it. It’s not necessary and can be explained right in these journal posts I’m typing up.
It was at that point that I anticipated that a lot of change will be happening, making shifts in my content specifically. Particularly the direction I’ll be going.

My best version

My coach, Nyla, challenged me to focus on what would my best version of myself look like and this prompted me to be thinking a lot about that. I already had a pretty vivid idea of it since I’ve been working hard on setting goals and tying my goals with stuff I do want to have in my life. Still that’s not a reason to not think about it. After all we adapt and change and what we thought years or even days ago may be different.

So what is my best version of myself? Well like I’ve said before my overall goals have been very straight forward. My aim is to make enough money that I can live comfortably, juggling a few businesses, and be healthy to do it all. The best version of myself will be able to do this with ease and still be growing and learning. What about you? What’s your best version of yourself? Leave a comment down below. It’s not easy but if you have an idea it’s better than not having one.


But what I spent a large portion of my time on was figuring out my whole brand position. What Nyla suggested and has in mind for my brand is really good. But again it’ll shift a lot of things that I’m doing. My posting, my blogging, my channel, everything. This shift will be massive and I’ll be giving you a bit of an idea of that actually today in a video.

Like I said above, we are creatures of adaptation and it’s vital that we are. You have no idea who will walk into your life and start to make changes within you. Of course you have the final say in how much they influence you, however change is a force that you shouldn’t be working against. Unless this change has no clear benefit in your life or in others.

Why we don’t like change

 I believe we have a strong distaste for change because we are so comfortable being where we are. But what I find so funny is that the situation that we’re all in right now is because we decided to make a change in our lives. I believe that people made a change. A change to justify why they stay the same. If that makes any kind of sense.

That is why I think so many people think they can’t change or resist change. It’s staring right at them, but they won’t change. And the only remedy to this is to make a change. To make that leap and embrace change.
If you want to be improving your life, you need to accept this fact. Embrace change and take action on it. Figure out who you want to be, who’s your best version of you, and chase it!
I’ll see you around.
Eric Burdon

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