This week is the first week of my walking routine and I’m quite proud of it as well. Now that we’re getting into fall season, I find myself going for walks more often and in general getting outside a little bit more.

Anyway, here is my progress thus far.


Looking back through my week it’s another mixed bag of things. There are some things I did, and some things I didn’t do. Firstly, my exercising is coming along nicely. I’ve been doing my exercises consistently but I’ve also been keeping up with a walking routine as well.

On the other hand, the food that I’ve been having hasn’t been too different. In fact, I didn’t do as much cooking compared to last week. The only meal I actually made this week was a goulash for lunch one day. It consisted of mushrooms, onions, and ground chicken. 

Most of my other meals consisted of carbs, a meat and veggies in terms of supper. So you know, typical meals with nothing new or exciting. Though early in the week, we did have nachos.


On top of that, yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada so I had a traditional meal for that too.

Breakfasts were also a standard breakfast for me which is often a bagel, a piece of chicken, two hard-boiled eggs and two pieces of fruit.

Things To Work On

The biggest thing for me is to put together another meal plan. That I feel was one of the biggest issues for this week seeing as I had no plan in the first place. If you have no plan it’s hard to follow and stay committed to it. Not only that, but if the plan is repetitive it’s a little harder to stay committed to it.

As I told myself looking back at this week I think it was mainly the lack of a meal plan that screwed me this week. Outside of that, the walking routine I have and the exercise regimen I have are good.

Things I Learned

One thing I mentioned above concerning commitment was something that I learned this week actually. I was writing an article for my client revolving around a fitness plan. Those are specific plans that you put together when you go to a gym.

In short, what I learned is that these types of plans provide a lot of structure but are also not incredibly repetitive either. This makes the whole aspect of going to a gym fun and exciting and engaging for those following the plan.

For me, my meal plan needs to be similar in that I think it’ll help immensely if I plan ahead and make a meal plan for a few weeks. Of course I can have some flexibility to it as plans happen and I’m the type of guy who does things spur of the moment, however with this meal plan I think having one covering a few weeks will be better than putting together a plan from week to week.

The Walking Routine

Outside of the tweaks and adjustments to my meal plan, I’m still proud of the fact that my walking routine is coming along. This time around though I want to be committed to walking more, even as winter will be here in a few short months. I think I can motivate myself to be doing those on the regular, especially if I am making a lot of warm dishes too.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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