Stress is such a huge problem but a lot of people wear it like a badge of honor. They’re always quick to tell you how hard they’ve been working and how stressed out and tired they are, but that’s a bad attitude to have. Stress is never a good thing and if you don’t keep it in check, it could end up spiraling out of control and turning into a more serious mental health issue. That’s why it’s important that you find ways to manage stress. Everybody tackles stress in different ways; some people like to relax and socialize with friends, others might like to exercise to burn off that extra energy. But if all of those normal things just don’t seem to work for you, what are you supposed to do? Why not try some of these unusual ways to tackle stress?

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Throw Some Stuff Away

Throwing your stuff away seems like a pretty strange way to manage stress but it’s actually very helpful. Decluttering is a big craze at the moment because people are starting to realize just how stressful having lots of material possessions can be. Possessions carry a certain mental weight which can cause a lot of stress. It’s also a lot harder to keep your life organized if you’ve got loads of clutter in the house. It’s very liberating if you go through your stuff and clear out anything that you don’t need anymore. It’s not a quick fix but it will help you to reduce your overall stress levels.

Coloring Books

Adult coloring books are so popular at the moment because they’re very relaxing to do. A lot of people think that it sounds like a crazy idea until they try it, then they realize that they love it. The modern world is full of so many distractions all of the time and that can be incredibly stressful. But when you’re coloring, you’re shutting out those things and giving all of your attention to one thing that doesn’t require too much brain power so it’s a great way to give your head a bit of peace and quiet.


This is a pretty controversial one and the research into the long term effects is still fairly new. However, a lot of people maintain that using marijuana is a good way to reduce their stress levels. If you live somewhere that it’s legal, you can find a dispensary that will help you find the right type for you. It’s important to remember though that you shouldn’t be using it too regularly to relieve stress because you may develop a dependency on it but it’s still a good way to occasionally relieve stress.


Meditation is often seen as a spiritual or religious thing but it doesn’t have to be. It can be a good way for anybody to quiet their mind for a while and relieve stress. The basic aim of mediation is to remove yourself from the thoughts that are running around your head and learn how to stop them from impacting on you. Instead, you simply observe them as they pass by. Even doing 5 or 10 minutes a day after you get in from work can make a huge difference. You can find some great videos online that will take you through the process.  

These are all great ways to relieve stress and, even though they might seem a bit unusual, they really work.


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