Tuesday April 18 2017

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My day began..

With a very progressive mindset. There were a lot of things I aimed to get done but the first major thing is getting into my 90 day challenge. There will be a lot on that and if I can automate at least the posting side of it then that’ll make my life easier. Fortunately there is such a way, but I haven’t taken advantage of it just yet. I was a little more fixated on other things.

The main thing I was pressing myself to do was writing. Writing for quotes, my Patreon posts (which I’ve been slacking on), but now I have the journal entries for this challenge. These will all be posted on this blog of course so you will be able to see them. I’ll create a section specifically with those in there.

Social Media

The other pressing thing was my brand, since I have made up my mind I’ll no longer be making daily videos on Youtube. I changed my heading to something a little more appropriate and also made adjustments to my headers on my other social media pages too. Here’s what it looks like on Youtube, as the rest of them look exactly the same.

It was fun to get back into designing these again but this one I’ll be sticking to for a while. At least until I get a professional photographer taking shots and all that. Regardless it drives home what I am all about and what my brand will be like moving forward.

The other thing of note is my email list purpose has changed and it’ll be revolved around a Daily Healthy Newsletter. I strongly encourage you to sign up as I’ll provide helpful tips and encouragement if you are like me, aiming to lose weight.

I got it!

So overall my day was very productive by my usual standards, I was always doing something yesterday but I didn’t feel overwhelmed or anything. In fact I figured out a few other things like my posting scheme for Instagram. Since I stopped posting on there for some time I really wanted to figure out a proper posting regimen and I got it!

Especially in these cases where I’ll be posting food and talking about my experiences and all that through this challenge. I’ll be doing most of that through Youtube, but also bits and pieces in Instagram Stories. So if you want to know my meals are like in advance, I’d consider following me at @eric_s_burdon

But let’s get a little more real

Up to this point I’ve felt like I’ve been moping around a little bit. I’ve taken a long break in my mind and I’m finally coming back to creating new content and sharing my experiences with you all.

That break honestly felt a little weird, but I am grateful that from that sparked what is happening right now and what will happen moving forward. I intend to grow more and be able to move forward. But what I have right now, the feeling that’s inside of me right now. It’s something I enjoy and it’s pushing me forward. I love it, and I appreciate it, and I’m thankful that I have it.

Now let’s go and hustle some more!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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