Travelling is part of a positive life for me and once you get to know me you can understand why.

I lived in the same house from 4 years old until I moved out at 17. From there, I stayed at that same house periodically throughout my 20s so far too.

Furthermore, travelling wasn’t much of a luxury either. There’s been a handful of times where I’ve ever left New Brunswick.

It’s for this reason why whenever there is a chance for me to get out of the house, I take it.

Like today.

Today I’ll be travelling to one of my uncle’s place and looking after him. He had a knee operation done and needs some help around the house. It’s nothing critical, however, it gives me a good opportunity to leave the house.But I’d argue that there is more to travelling that we should consider as well.

And even if you do travel a lot, to consider leveraging these benefits while you’re out there as well.

An Opportunity To Build Better Habits

I’ll be completely honest with you and say that this past week I haven’t been eating the best. The extent of it is munching on chocolate.

The good news though is that my uncle has quite the different diet. A lot more than I think.

So it’s a good opportunity for me to be getting back to my healthier eating ways. Not to mention being able to build other habits as well.

When we travel, we often focus more on relaxing or enjoying the scenes. Those certainly help (hence why travelling is part of a positive life to many), but we can surely get more than that.

We can build habits that we didn’t have before.

That’s all because travelling forces us to shift our lifestyle. We’re exposing ourselves to new people and places that challenge us to change.

Experiences To Grow

Of course, there is growth in the habits that we can build. Not to mention the therapeutic benefits of travelling too. But I’m talking about something a bit different here.

I see travelling is part of a positive life because it can prompt growth in unexpected ways. I’ve come to recognize it in other lights as well.

Mainly in the accumulation of experiences. Experiences that I can then leverage for my business.

It’s for this reason why I have been challenging myself a little more. Also why I’m taking this travelling opportunity.

I’m hoping to get plenty more things to be writing about.

But those experiences don’t rest in the writing profession alone. You would be surprised what you are able to do if you simply sit back and look over situations.

Of course, I’m not encouraging working all the time while travelling or on vacation. However, these sorts of periods do provide good opportunities for you to work on your thoughts and develop yourself.

A Chance To Connect

Travelling also opens up the doors to connections as well. Not just with the location that you are in, but with those around you as well.

I don’t know most of my relatives very well. Sure we chat at family reunions, but it’s not much. A lot of it revolves around the here and now. There’s not that much opportunity for deep and meaningful conversations.

I can imagine that I’ll get that opportunity with my uncle since it’ll just be me and him. It’ll provide a good opportunity for us to bond and learn more about each other.

The same can be true for you if you are travelling with other people or you are visiting someone else. If you do it on your own time, you have an opportunity to deepen a relationship. You get to learn more about a person you may not know very well.

And that is pretty magical.

Travelling Is Part Of A Positive Life

Travelling is part of a positive life because it provides these opportunities and more. I can’t explore all of them right now, however there is always much to be discovered.

Every opportunity we have has always many things to offer us in life. We need only to look at them.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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