We’re going through the motions and we think it’s not okay to be lost like this. Whether you are in your late teenage years or you are older, a lot of us have this sense that we know what we should do with our lives.

Even people who experience great success can feel stuck at various points in our lives. Hell, last week I had a pretty weird week last week not only with my health but my overall mood.

Mentally speaking I was stuck. Looking at a blank page and forcing myself to write something.

No it’s not because of writers block. I’ve got a list of ideas of things that I could write about.

I was stuck with how to write something so it flowed properly. That it wasn’t a bunch of word vomit.

But underneath all of that, I felt a little lost and confused. And that’s okay.

It's okay to be lost at various points in our lives. Take these steps to help you come back to the right path.

Understanding Lost

To be lost doesn’t necessarily mean you are without direction or purpose. Of course, being lost can suggest that, but it’s important to understand that being lost can mean a number of things.

The most common circumstances in my own life though was more of lack of direction and execution. There were many times I felt stuck and I didn’t know exactly how I would get out of it. But now that I’ve mainly sorted out a road map for me to work on, most times I feel lost is due to the smaller details.

Mainly the how as opposed to the where.

But even then, how doesn’t need to be so specific like that. A lot of people are lost in terms of what they want to do. Some feel lost about what sort of goals they wish to set. And even if people do have goals they can be stuck with how they want to achieve them.

At the end of the day, it’s important to know what kind of lost you are in.

Do you have some things sorted out and lack a direction?

Do you have any goals or big values and dreams you want to achieve?

Asking yourself questions can help in understanding that before taking steps to fix it.

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Finding Connections

Those questions above will help you in doing some soul searching. On a broad scale, the second question will get you looking at your life in general and that’s what I’d like to focus on first.

The idea behind this question is to help you in finding connections in your own life. This is big because when you think back through your life you’ll find themes.

I find mindset and personal development interesting because throughout all my teenage years and early adulthood I was going through a lot of mental things. Writing helped me out a lot and in the end helped me to make a career out of this.

Even if I didn’t write when I was younger, there were still themes. The biggest ones being me figuring out where I wanted to go and why I felt the way that I felt back then.

I was lost. But I eventually realized it’s okay to be lost.

I wanted answers and the only way to get those was through talking about myself. Sharing my issues and thoughts. Mind you, I didn’t convey them very well early on in writing, I believe now that I can convey it better, people can relate and feel comfortable.

But at the same time, you need to find connections in your own life. Those connections can help you in discovering more about yourself. More importantly, those connections will help

Digging Deeper

As I said above, there are many reasons for us to be lost in life. As such, to be found and discover ourselves, there some times needs more work. This brings us back to the first question:

Do you have some things sorted out and lack a direction?

This is important to ask because a lot of people – like myself – know what needs to be done. At various points we some times lack the steps to get there and achieve it.

Wether we run into snags, problems, or other things, that’s all part of the process. But to be lost and lack a direction is merely going back to our values and goals that we’ve set.

How can we overcome the hurdles to achieve our goals?

What is the next step that we need to be taking?

It’s in those moments where writing out a plan helps. Whether it’s something specific like a meal plan or a general plan to help in achieving our goals it doesn’t matter. So long as we have some goals set for ourselves and we are working towards them.

This is what matters.

If you lack direction figure out the next step.

To Be Lost Is A Chance To Discover Ourselves

It’s okay to be lost and for many people they may have to run off and do something different to find their purpose. I had to study business and accounting for seven years before I realized that this was more fitting.

There are many other people who were lost and didn’t figure out life until much later in life.

  • Colonel Sanders (Owner of KFC) didn’t start his restaurant until he was in his 60s.
  • J.K. Rowling was in her 30s when she published Harry Potter.
  • Harrison Ford didn’t land his superstar status until he was in his 30s as well.

Life has it’s ways of us getting discovered and finding our path. So don’t worry about it and be okay with being lost at times. To be lost is an opportunity for us to discover ourselves and iron out where we want to go in life.

So weigh your options and look at your values. Act upon them and you’ll find a path to tread on soon enough.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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