To be direct is something that can reap a lot of benefits than you may think. Lately I’ve been chatting with a few writers but particularly one whom I look up to and respect. A few weeks ago he proposed that we hop onto a call and have a chat.

Yesterday, after telling him I have some skills on blogging on WordPress that would be helpful for him, we’ve settled for a meeting some time in early November.

For one I’m super pumped to get to talk to him face to face, but I know this opportunity wouldn’t arise if I was sitting on it. Not to mention we wouldn’t have been chatting at all if I didn’t reply to his email a while back (I’m on his mailing list.)

It seriously pays to be direct and here’s why.

Why It Pays To Be Direct

You Get Fantastic Opportunities

Like I said above, this opportunity wouldn’t have arrived if I wasn’t direct. If I wasn’t friendly or even solidified a date to chat.

For sure being silent and laying back does have its perks, but that’s not always the best move. To be direct is to show your intentions and some times that’s not a bad thing.

I want to meet up with this writer. As a person who doesn’t have that many role models or really any people I can talk to much this is a great way for us to become friends. Showing those intentions is not that bad of a thing because as I’ve said time and time again that we use other people.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all.

It’s better to air that out because not only can you meet those fulfillments, you might get even more.

It’s Easier To Make Deeper Connections

I feel being direct with people can create more meaningful connections as well. You’re already making your intentions quite clear concerning how you want to use the person. For this reason, people can get past the whole negative connotation that their being used by simply finding a way they can use you too.

To be direct is to provide a clear signal for that and you may even be able to help identify how you can be useful to them as well.

I was being direct with my skills and was humble about it. This blog isn’t the biggest blog in the world, but after three years of writing on the platform, I know a thing or two. I can be useful just as the man whom I respect is helpful for me too.

Now that that is out of the way, it’s easier to make those deep connections and to arrange deals with one another. This is how professional relationships can become powerful tools for you.

And all of that comes when you are more direct.

You’re More Trustworthy

At the end of day, being direct is being blunt and that can help in so many cases. To be direct means that you are someone that others can trust.

Why exactly?

Simple. You don’t sugar coat anything.

Going back to the example above, making deals happens when you are direct about your intentions. This means there’s no curve balls or hidden agendas. If you let it all out, people are going to trust you more inherently.

Sure this can open you up to manipulation but that too can backfire. If  you exploit others, they’ll know that they are and will be vocal about it. This can tarnish future relationships with that person.

So as you can see if you are brutally honest with someone, people are going to be more appreciative of it. You’re not going to be holding back any punches and people can admire something like that.

To Be Direct

To be direct is being open about what you want and most people like that about a person. In an age where people are filtering who they are, being honest and open about your life is refreshing.

Of course this tactic can work in some cultures and may backfire in others where others have different customs. But for the time being, being open about what you want and not come off as too demanding can help you a lot in more ways than one.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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