Thursday April 20 2017

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Yesterday I made progress

Maybe not exactly a lot of progress but progress nevertheless. I was in a very unusual spot. Unusual, but really good space to get a lot of things done. I felt for the first time I was zoned into my work whenever I focused on it and finished it quite quickly.

My morning I spent a lot of time preparing for posts that I’d be posting throughout the day yesterday but even during the morning there was a sense of focusing. I was so involved in my work that I didn’t get around to recording and editing yesterday’s video until later again. My next objective is really recording and uploading the video at a much earlier time.

But it was my afternoon…

Where I felt the most focused and got the most out of my time. I decided to take up the Pomodoro technique, though instead of 20 minutes, I went for an hour or forty five minutes. There were periods where I did take a break like going to the bathroom, but aside from that I focused on a specific task.

The hour session was focusing on my writing. Writing my Patreon posts, but also writing some more content for my channel which will be rolling out next week. The forty five minute session was clearing through more of my book, clarifying things and making everything flow better.

My Mindset

But I really want to think more about this unusual mindset as I was in a weird headspace yesterday, yet clearly I made a lot of progress. I believe what really propelled me forward was this deep desire to make the most out of my day. Like I do want to get the most out of my day, I’m sure that’s what everyone wants. But the desire was so deep that I thought of doing something a little differently. Approaching a situation at a slightly different angle. And that was what propelled me forward.

I want to continue doing what I did. I feel it’s not necessary to sit down and plan it out. Clearly my mind has sorted it out and slipped it easily into my mindset. It’s my job to work on it more and practice it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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