Thursday April 13 2017

Quote Of The Day

“As a rule I always look for what others ignore.”
Marshall McLuhan
Yesterday was a big day for me as I took a leap to finally making a video. I know, it’s crazy, Eric making videos again. For one it felt very weird to be making another video after so long. There were many do overs until I finally put together the video and got one successful one.
And then when I ran it by Nyla, she turned it down.

It’s already up, however there will be a new one by the time you are reading this. So you probably won’t get a chance to see it. Still you won’t be missing too much as the only thing that’s really weak in this video is the beginning. And I’m not going to sugar coat it, I thought it was rather forced as well.

What this whole experience taught me was again what Nyla has been getting at with me. And that is to be your authentic self. What I believe is getting me mixed up in my head is the fact that I’m seeing what I’m doing is kind of like acting. Actors get paid to be someone that they are not and true Youtubers can do that, but I think it’s only appropriate in certain contexts.

That context being who are you branding when you are creating a Youtube channel. Are you branding yourself? Or someone fictional? In this case I’m branding myself and it makes sense to stay authentic and genuine. Acting shouldn’t even be considered when it comes to preparing the kind of content that I am creating. However you can still grow into someone humorous and entertaining. It may take time is all.

I think another lesson I can learn from all of this is if you have to force something, sit down and refocus. I kind of did that after a few do overs and I actually wrote down a script and organized my thoughts. But even after I made the video I was very quick to uploading it and didn’t think about it much. I was thinking I’d run it by Nyla and get her thoughts on it. Relaying more on her to fix things as opposed to myself.

This is something I believe is important to me since in this relationship thus far, I’m treating Nyla as more of a fixer than a mentor. True it is my brand we’re working on and it’s important to be communicating a lot. However whenever I get something done, I’m quicker to turn to Nyla than say do my own research.

Yes a mentor is a rock or a pillar of strength for individuals and they are there for you. But leaning on a crutch too much will give you a dependence. And you may never be able to walk naturally ever again. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with relaying on other people. And there are times where you do need to lean heavily on someone. But it’s also important to realize that they are your mentor, they won’t drag you along (or at least they shouldn’t).
A mentor is doing their job effectively by getting you to think and realize things yourself, much like what I’m doing right now. Relay on people, but don’t depend on them to do everything. They won’t. This reminded me of that. I’m not going to beat myself up about it, but next time I should aim to look at my work more critically and realize when I am rushing things. 

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