This Amazing Moment When You Go All In

As we are getting further and further into August, I think it’s about time I start talking a little about this particular month. It’s not something I really talk about all that much, but now that I am I want to explore it more. It’s a month for me that I believe I should go all in for.

It got me to thinking about it after reading one of Gary Vee’s posts on Medium titled August. He’ll be taking a massive month long break, but he shared what he views August as. A time to have hardcore relaxation, or hardcore hustling.

While Gary Is Relaxing, I’ll Be Hustling

August is an unusual time for me. It was the month before school starts and during the summer this was a chance for me to relax even more. To make the most of it. Who I was back then is completely different to who I am today.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur, and I’ve done a complete 180 turn to how August goes. It’s a time for me to now seriously double down on my work. I know this because everyone else is still making the most of their break.

Hell there’s even less big title movies playing in August. So it’s a good indicator that industries are taking little breaks here and there in August.

And It’s Okay

Because that’s really the thing with August. It’s a chance to relax, or go all in and you won’t be punished. It’s easier to hustle because your competitors are sleeping. It’s also good to relax and refocus because everyone else is sleeping too.

But let me tell you this…

I Feel Excited For This Amazing Moment

It’s sort of like a calm before a storm. A time where I feel this intense energy and excitement. It’s.a moment to hustle and feel like you are getting ahead, making progress, and improving yourself.

I believe this month will be big for me, an opportunity to grow more and build up momentum that’ll push me forward. And I’m getting even more excited for it!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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