It may always be a nice day for a white wedding, but there are plenty of things to consider when hosting one. Yes, they might sound perfect. Yes, they might be romantic in theory. But, there are plenty of things to take into consideration before hosting one if you want your monochrome wedding to be everything you ever dreamed it would be.

To see exactly what you should be considering, make sure to read on.

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Literally everything must be the same

When you go for an all-white theme when it comes to your wedding, you must know that nothing can break the chain. Unless you make something different as a way of making that particular thing stand out in an ironic sense (which would then not make your wedding an all-white affair, sorry), everything must be white. You must have white wedding invitations. You must have a white dress. Your other half must be wearing a white suit. Your guests must be wearing all white clothes too. The staff working at your reception party’s destination must be adorned in white. Your ceremony halls must be laden in white decorations (and its floor, too). Your tables must be white. Literally, everything must be white and everything must be the same, and make sure to keep that in mind.

The pressure to wear white might annoy your guests

As mentioned, if you truly want your wedding to be an all-white affair then your guests must come dressed all in white too. Yes, this might not be too much of an irk for your female guests as there are dresses aplenty out there that look lovely in white. But, be honest, what males do you and your other half know that own a suit that is completely white? You may know the odd one or two that do but, quite frankly, the majority of them will not. What this means is that you will then either force the majority of your male guests to go out of their way to find and buy all-white suits, or you will force them to turn up to your wedding in something other than a suit or smart wear as that is all that they could find in their wardrobe to meet the white dress code. And, what this will then mean is that one way or another you will annoy a large portion of your guests, and do you want any of your guests to be annoyed at your wedding, let alone such a big section of them?

You will not stand out in the crowd as well as you otherwise would

When you throw a normal, atypical type of wedding where there are an array of colours to be found in all directions, you, as the bride, will stand out like no other. But, when everything’s the same and your colour code is the same as everybody and everything else, you will blend into the crowd. And, is blending into the crowd really something you want to do on the biggest day of your life?

The all-white wedding may seem to be the perfect fairytale lover’s dream style of wedding, but as you can see above there are lot of things to consider in regards to it.


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