I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m 27 years old and I struggle opening up cans that have the tabs.

Soda cans I can manage. But it’s the chili cans or the fruit cups that I can’t open.

Well, yesterday I tried my hand – pun intended – at seeing if I could open a can for real this time. Beforehand I always pulled out the tab and pulled the lid with the end of a spoon. But I’m 27 and I should be capable of opening those cans, right?


Well I cut my middle finger.

And the blood loss was pretty bad. I don’t think it’s super deep and the bandaids are working wonders. However, I’ve had to improvise a cast for my finger.

So what does all of this have to do with this post?

Well in life, we run into all sorts of problems. Problems we don’t anticipate will happen. Some of us cut our finger open and they happen to be a writer who, well, needs to write to support themselves.

I have to say this experience does put quite the wrench into my day, but as I tend to remind myself in these situations…

There Is Always A Way Around

There Is Always A Way Around

There is always a way around the problems that we face in our lives. All that we need to do is be able to think around them. You know, general problem-solving skills.

But I feel like our ability to do that depends a lot on how we view the problem and what we do to solve it.

I always remind myself that there is always a way around our problems. Not only that but I also tend to take things in stride.

Despite the deep cut on my finger, I found myself laughing at the whole situation. Despite the pain, I’m still pushing myself and making the most of it by writing an article about it.

But for others, they’ll take a different approach. Some will be in a mad panic, or start to lose hope. Some will focus on the negatives.

It’s easy to fall into those pits, but in my experience, they’ve never helped. They’re not comforting and they often slow you down.

Don’t Lose Hope

While these experiences certainly suck, there is no sense in worrying. I know that I’ll be alright. And sometimes it doesn’t hurt to do risk assessments.

Chances are I’ll be typing with one hand for quite some time. I might also need to get stitches. Good thing I’ve got Medicare now.

Either way, I see this as an adventure and an experience. And seeing things in that way shapes our reality and how we grow. I feel this is a good way to see the little bumps and even the bigger challenges in our lives.

While a lot of it sucks on the surface, there is a lot of good that can come from these situations.

For one, I was finally able to open a can.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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