This week, I prepared for the work out of my life. In fact, the exercise I did do wasn’t enough. to prepare me for the workout I did yesterday.

Yesterday I had the luxury of attending an event called TreeGo. It’s an endurance run in the woods with wooden obstacles, lots of ropes, zip lines and ladders.

In order to prepare for this, I dedicated this week to getting out as much as I could. From biking to walking for at least an hour every time I felt like I would be able to make it through.

I managed to get through the first course before I had to stop due to my hands being cut up a bit and also throbbing. Even as I am typing this, my fingers are still a little swollen and throbbing from the pain.

The Work Out Of My Life

I’m Glad Though

But don’t take this as me complaining. From the experience, I learned a number of things about myself, but also how I approach situations as well.

I found the best kind of progress for me was to focus on moving forward. This was difficult since I was so focused on keeping balanced. That did not go well for me as you’ll be seeing soon enough. But as a result of moving cautiously, there were parts where I was swinging and I did fall down.

It was the work out of my life as I struggled to get through the first course. Primarily due to that constant mindset of being secure. The thing is that I was secure the whole way. If I fell, the harness was there to catch me. It never dawned on me while I was so fixated on getting through the course with little issues. How ironic.

There’s More

This was all a big learning experience for me and though I will probably stick to trails now rather than climbing trees, it was still an experience. I still have a ways to go in growing and my inability to handle this course, yet getting through one section is enough to show I’m growing and learning.

It’s the work out of my life by this point, a test of mental capacity too. I’m actually thankful my cousin stuck around and helped me out along the way. He helped me get through it, but also to remind me to remind myself to move forward.

The Work Out Of My Life

I’ve got a few scrapes and I’m pretty sore all over, but I feel a sense of satisfaction in taking this step. While I wouldn’t say it was a fear of heights for me, I believe a lot of stemmed from my desire to be safe at all times. It’s not like me to do something like that and I would say that was more of the fear that drove me underneath.

But I got through it all and I came out a little stronger.  That is one thing I can be happy about by doing this.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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