This week is the mid-point of this challenge that I’m undertaking and so far things have been going well. But while my progress thus far has been pretty stellar by this point, I wasn’t worried that much in the first few weeks.

As I mentioned on the first week, it’s typical for people to drop a significant amount of weight in the first few weeks. When you shift your diets, you’ll begin to detox and remove all sorts of other gunk that was lingering in your system.

But after those first couple of weeks, you’ll begin to stagnate. 

And that’s my main concern.

But this mid-point brings some hope to me for a few reasons.

The Mid-Point Progress

I’ve Made A Lot Of Progress

From my meeting on Wednesday, I learned a great deal about where I’m standing in terms of the challenge. Up to this point, I can only really track my weight which has been progressing slowly. I’m currently at 207 pounds at the time of this post.

However, at the mid-point, there are two qualifications and two tools in which to measure them.

The first is the weight, but the other is through body fat and BMI.

Over the past three weeks, my BMI has dropped down by 3.1. The target for that one is 5.

So even if I don’t hit my 20 pound weight loss, if I can drop a little more body fat in the next few weeks then I’ll satisfy the challenge.

Of course I can’t track the BMI daily, however it’s still is quite a bit of progress in that respect as well.

This isn’t going to deter me away from dropping more weight. After all, I still want to be reaching 175 pounds. But that significant progress from that is good motivation to keep pressing forward.

 I’ve Discovered More About Myself

Lately, I’ve been finding myself reading The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma. Through that, I’ve been learning more about myself.

But how exactly does that relate to fitness?

Well as most of you know, I walk to the gym whenever I have to work out. This leaves me with nothing but my thoughts. And I’ve been finding myself thinking more and more about what’s in that book.

The book is quite thought provoking and through that, I’ve learned and discovered more things.

What can I do better?

What should I really be prioritizing?

What I should be doing after this challenge is over?

This journey is far from over after these six weeks. And I see these six weeks as more of a wake up call for me. It’s a time for me to be moving and making an active difference in my life.

And it’s mainly thanks to this book that got me to be thinking about how I should view and approach this challenge after this mid-point.

The Mid-Point Has Pushed Me Further

Going back to the point that I’m not resting on my laurels, this mid-point, combined with the other things that have happened thus far have encouraged me to do more. Even in the mid-point meeting, I was encouraged to walk more.

I’ve already got a good idea of how to squeeze more cardio in. It’s a matter of making more purposeful walks for me. I’m not typically someone who goes out into the cold for a leisurely walk.

What’s also worth noting is because of my efforts thus far, my body has gotten adjusted to the exercises. I find squats to be easier and not as painful. This is big seeing as I had leg issues. Of course, I had other remedies, but those were temporary fixes. This is now an actual shift to the point I can perform leg exercises properly.

It also means I can get away with doing some more exercises at home. Something that I was already thinking of doing.

So Far So Good

All in all I’ve got faith I can pull this off one way or another. It’s a matter of sticking to my training and going further with it for these last few weeks.

I know now that I can manage to pull off these workout session with not as much repercussions the next day. This is good for me as I want to be working out more. Both in the gym and outside of it.

A lot’s changed now and I’m happy for it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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