In response to the amount of work I’m doing, I started to take up late night walking. While I still would like to be exercising in the morning, I have been able to consistently go out late at night and go for a walk.

The Late Night Walking

A Sense Of Tranquility

The morning in the neighborhood isn’t as bad as the city, but one still can’t deny that there are many people out and about. While I don’t mind being around people, my walks are often more constructive. Not only am I exercising myself but I am giving my brain a workout as well.

This sense of tranquility is far more prominent when I do late night walking since most people are exhausted. For sure there are others around, however, it’s easy to take a different route and be left to your own thoughts.

More Effort

What I’ve also found with this week is that I am pushing myself more. From research and new avenues to consider, I’ve been expanding other areas that I can be improving my health.

For sure there is the late night walking, which I think is a smart move for me to double down and do. However, I have been missing my morning routine of exercising. Thankfully I found some things that I can consider with getting back into doing stretches and regular exercising and hopefully sticking to the plan more.

I’ve also noticed this renewed effort developing in the work that I am doing as well. From finishing my work in a timely manner, and also my efforts on social media.

All of this comes back to my late night walks that I’ve been taking. It’s been allowing me to look more at my situation and continue to make changes and see what sticks.

Late Night Walks

The cool air clearly has been helping me significantly in the mental, and physical ways for me. On top of my biking here and there, I want to be tacking on this late night walking.

With every step that I take, I will be getting closer and closer to the goal that I want to achieve.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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