This week came something unexpected: the heatwave. It was a heatwave that lasted throughout the entire week. It certainly made the news as many countries were feeling the intense heat.

Of course, this is an ever growing sign of global warming but I don’t want to get all political about it here. Especially since this is a post on my health.

What I will say is thanks to the heatwave, it really messed up my week this week in a few areas. But despite all of that, there were some positive things that came out of it too.

The Heatwave

The Effects

First of all, the heatwave wasn’t as intense comped to other areas. In New Brunswick, we were hitting the low 30 temperatures (Celsius, Fahrenheit it was in the high 80s and 90s). Because of the intense heat, it got to a point where I was sweating a lot just from sitting.

Not only did it affect my body like most people would in a heatwave, it also hampered my ability to do exercises. My exercise sessions didn’t last very long before I stopped myself from sheer exhaustion.

What also is wise is to not exercise all that much in warm temperatures to begin with. Walking is certainly fine, however, in warmer weather like this you can put yourself at risk of severe dehydration. It’s also for this reason why it’s smart to workout at a gym that has proper AC. In my case, I had a fan which really was blowing slightly cool air. It wasn’t suitable.

It’s also important to note that when it comes to working out, producing more sweat isn’t the goal. Sure we sweat out the fat from our bodies during working out, however it should be over the duration of it. We shouldn’t be using the warm weather or wear darker clothing as a weight loss solution. The reason for that is what I said above, you risk severe dehydration and that’s not a fun experience.

The Benefits

But despite the overall lack of exercise I had this week, there are some benefits to the heatwave. Because of this heat, I took the liberty to be drinking a lot of water. This will help a lot in dealing with my water weight.

What the drinking excessive water also helped with was reducing how much food I was eating too. Since I was staying hydrated constantly, I didn’t feel much need to eat other food. I was even eating less food because I filled up on water.

The Heatwave Is Over

The heatwave is over now but it finished off with a thunderstorm and some cooler temperatures on Friday. It was nice to wake up yesterday morning in a nice cool room at the end of the week.

What was the weather like where you live? Leave a comment down below.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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