Sweating It Off is Week 30 of #BetterMeNow, a year-long campaign to mark my progress towards a better version of myself. To learn more about the campaign, check out the details here.

This is the second week in a row that I’ve made massive progress on my health. It’s getting to the point that I’m sweating it off. Like my past struggles were nothing but insignificant and small in my life.

Don’t get me wrong, the work-out itself is still a challenge. The sheer amount of reps I have to do for each exercise is a good amount and keeps me on my toes. But where the challenge lies is not in the reps, but the intended sets I want to do.

I should be celebrating the success that I’ve made thus far. Even though my resistances and excuses were small in comparison, they still posed a challenge for so long. But now is the time for me to extend myself and commit to further exercising. To build myself up more than I was at before. Today I want to be talking about that along with my experiences.

Experiences Thus Far

The daily exercising that I’ve been doing is specifically for the type of body that I want to achieve. This is an important factor as I can use that reasoning to encourage myself to take action.

If I truly desire to have the body that I want, then I’ll do the exercises that’ll give me that body.

That line of thinking alone is persuasive enough for me to feel compelled to take the steps necessary to get closer to achieving that.

As a result of this, I feel healthier, and brimming with more energy. However, another big thing that I’ve noticed recently is the fact I’m actively imagining myself in that figure as well.

This is big for me as up to this point I haven’t been delving much into visualizing myself in the body I want.

Halfway through this campaign and it’s only been now that I’ve come to realize this and started doing it. But that’s alright. That’s what striving for a better you is all about.

Realizing that you screwed up and now want to do something about it.

So sweat it off. The bad stuff that is. Don’t let it get to your head. People screw up and that’s part of the journey and experience.

But it’s this particular experience that has made me enjoy the process but also to look at some other glaring issues.

If you truly desire something, you'll do anything to get it. If not, you'll make an excuse.

The Future Struggles

At the time of me writing this, there are a few other struggles in my life pertaining to my health. I have faith that I’ll be sweating it off eventually, though for now, they present a few challenges.

The first issue is as I mentioned above, the number of sets that I’m doing. Currently, I’m only doing a single set of the exercises that I’ve got.

My desire though is to bump it up at least to two sets on a routine basis.

I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but this second set is where I see the extension part of myself.

To be making larger progress for myself would be simply pushing past the 15-minute limit I set for myself and go through the entire batch of exercises.

. . . . .

The second issue that I have recently is that I’ve lately been skipping out on my walking. Part of that is due to my work taking up a lot of time.

But I shouldn’t be using that as an excuse as I know that I have at least some ounce of time to get a walk in. For me, the challenge is honestly dealing with distractions in my life which is more of a mental side of things than on a physical.

Visualize where you want to be and then take action.

Sweating It Off

Despite the struggles that I face, I believe these are minor things in the grand scheme of things. The biggest challenge that I had for myself is my excuses. Even though upon inspection they made no sense, I still believed them. No more.

I’ll be sweating it off, excuses and distractions both. If I can overcome the excuses in my life, then surely I can overcome these bit by bit.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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