For the past several weeks we’ve been getting rain and this week has been the first week in a while that the weather is starting to look nice. With a lot of sun out, it’s around this time that I start to get outside more often.

But there’s a slight problem with all that.

I have a tendency to get sunburns a lot during this season.

I never really worried about it so much up to this point, however from doing a little bit of digging, it really started to sink in why we should be preventing sunburn.

After all, there’s actually that goes on when you get a sunburn than you might think. For example, sunburn can lead to various skin diseases and could develop into cancer. What’s worse is that a lot of people don’t worry too much about applying sunblock and get sunburns.

So today I’m doing a favour for myself after years of neglecting my sunburnt skin every summer, but also for you too. If you have fair skin or are prone to sunburns like me, here is how to protect yourself from the sun.

Sunburn Season: How To Protect Yourself From The Sun

First: Use Sunscreen

Do some research and look for some quality sunscreens. There are loads on the market each with varying claims about what they can do. I say varying because some don’t even do what’s on the box, while some manage with ease. Furthermore, a lot of sunscreens have harmful chemicals so you may protect yourself from the sun but it can cause problems down the road.

Some might consider going organic which I think is a smart decision to make on sunscreen. After finding a quality shaving cream that’s friendly, it makes sense for me to look for a sunscreen that is along the same lines. This would be my best option when you want to protect yourself from the sun.

Second: Consider Sun-Blocking Clothing

Some other suggestions for sunburn prevention are wearing long-sleeve shirts and long pants. Doing this can help in blocking the sun rays over the course of the day but I understand not every person wants to do that. I’m in that boat where my wardrobe doesn’t have much in the way of those articles of clothing. I do have some, but I’d rather wear something shorter if I can. Also as a side note for clothing, you can consider a hat as well.

Thirdly: Be Aware Of Peak Sun Times

Some other ways to protect yourself from the sun is to be aware of the peak times that the sun is out. I’ve seen blog posts say peak times are 9 am to 3 pm and others say 10 am to 4 pm.

Either way, the peak time runs for a solid 6 hours. During that time that’s when the rays are most intense and you want to avoid those times if possible.

Unless of course, you take the suggestions above.

This can make your daily routine and plans rather simple as well. If you are someone who works out, you want to be working out early in the morning. If you go for afternoon walks like me, take them after 3 (or 4 pm if you’re paranoid)

Protect Yourself From The Sun

Sunburn seems like a minor problem. I know for myself that’s how I thought about it and didn’t bother about wearing sunscreen. But now I know better and was foolish to worry about it.

I’ve got fair skin and my skin is obviously a very important part of my body. I need to look after it just as much as I am looking after my weight. So I’ll take my advice and buy some screen and start using it for once!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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