I’m currently in the midst of juggling a few projects that I’m excited to announce soon. It’s all really exciting stuff, however, one thing I have been noticing is sometimes I hesitate with what I’ve been thinking.

Some of it is a little bit of doubt on whether the project will turn out alright.

Some of it is a little bit of procrastination.

But all of that stems from a thought that popped into my head:

“We should wait for the right time.”

Stop Waiting For The “Right Time”

I’ll admit that even myself will hesitate and pull this excuse. It’s not very often this comes up. After all, there’s only been a handful of instances that I’ve launched things.

So this is a reminder to myself, but also to those who wait for the “right time”.

The right time doesn’t exist nor will it ever.

The right time doesn’t exist nor will it ever.

You Will Always Be…

Despite our best efforts, we will always be one step behind what will happen. From these projects, my life is going to turn upside down and I’m excited about it.

And yet my brain wants to get in the way and think maybe this isn’t the right time. Maybe we should prepare more?

But no amount of preparation will prepare us for what is to come.

We need to set aside our expectations as well as our desire to launch something at the “opportune time” in order to put out something incredible.

In other words, we need to stop feeding ourselves more bullshit only to get out there and handle a new challenge we assign ourselves.

Just Do It

True we will always be underprepared for what is to happen but that mainly falls on the fact that we can’t anticipate what will happen. We have no clue whether our efforts will make us hundreds of sales or demand hours upon hours of work or whether things will not change all that much.

It’s for this reason why we experiment and discover whether our ideas are viable or not. We make adjustments in order to see if that changes things or not.

It’s for this reason why we need to get out there and simply do it.

One thing that I remember about the app industry and why we are constantly getting new apps is due to the work ethics of people behind app development.

Depending on the app, some apps can take as little as a week in order for them to be brought to the market. That’s because they break the week into sections and dedicate the time allotted to it. From designing and functionality, a team will be assigned to work and build those aspects.

The idea behind it all is to get feedback as quickly as possible so the company can then focus on adjusting the app and make it more fitting for its users.

This is the same philosophy that we should employ in our business and our lives. Make an effort to launch things, but do so as quickly as possible.

Of course, you want to avoid burnout but also that you are putting out enough of a completed product to people. But only do what’s necessary and then get out and do it.

Just do it.

Stop Waiting

  • So stop waiting for the right time to get whatever you want out there.
  • Don’t show any hesitation and get fixated on the results.
  • Instead, put your time and energy into making sure that everything is ready for the big launch date.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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