“Stick through it all.”

I weighed myself on the scale yesterday morning to see that my weight hasn’t shifted much. Despite eating more fruits and vegetables. Despite walking and exercising on the regular.

I thought to myself yesterday morning is the app I bought all that helpful? It’s not really helping me lose weight as it claims. And just like that, I spiralled into doubt a little.

But before I went too far, I reminded myself one thing:

Stick through it all.

Because it’ll be worth it. Here is why.

Stick Through It All

Dedication Builds Understanding

Getting the results that you want at the beginning is tough. And in terms of health, it’s harder to do that on your own. Yes, the health app I purchased is helping to some degree. But I feel it’s helping me more with maintenance rather than weight loss.

But I think the largest reason to stick to this is tougher on me is that I’ve seen a massive shift in my health. I completed a challenge that allowed me to drop over 20 pounds in a month and a half. It’s pretty difficult to get those kinds of results when you are on your own.

Not to mention my exercise routine now is basic at best.

But all of these problems create a sense of understanding. It’s helped me to realize that I may have been subconsciously expecting great results. After all, I had a program that made me shed a lot of weight so why not this new one?

The reality is that each of these programs are both at different levels of intensity.

I think that acknowledging that the process is difficult is worth it. It’s worth it because it allows us to acknowledge that not all programs are created equal. There are advantages and disadvantages to the programs we take on and move away from. But all of this is part of the understanding process.

You begin to piece together what you really need and should be striving for. For me, I clearly want something more intense. Especially since all of my actions are on my honour more or less.

But I’m not about to give up on this new program. I want to stick through it and see where it takes me.

Dedication Builds Curiosity

Currently, I’m struggling with my health. I’m making changes and they’re not yielding much. I understand that I’m not going to get the explosive results as I did during the challenge. But at the same time, why am I not losing weight?

This thought process is my curious mind at work and it’s a result of dedicating to this program. I think that this state of mind applies to all other people who stick through something. Instead of giving up, reminding ourselves to show dedication can help us build understanding over time.

It then evolves into curiosity.

And this is especially important when we are in situations like this, where our results aren’t getting very far. It’s a period where we do feel doubt but also learn more things. Like how struggling isn’t how we make it out to be. Or maybe what I uncovered above about different intensities in health programs.

Showing dedication builds that curiosity as opposed to moving past it. This is important to your development as asking questions is the foundation of many things.

Stick Through It. You Got This.

But above all, reminding ourselves to stick through it all allows us to renew our motivation.

Sometimes I’m quick to jump to conclusions and this can lead me to doubt or hesitation. However, one skill that I’m developing lately is to cut off options or alternatives. To place myself in a “desperation mode.”

No, I’m not putting myself in literal danger. However, I’m learning to grow by putting myself in a state of mind where my only real option is whatever it is I’m committing to. This allows me to look at my issues. Perhaps my weight gain is attributed to certain foods I’m slipping in. Perhaps I’m not exercising as much as I want to.

This mindset is forcing me to look at the issues as opposed to jumping to complaining or claiming something isn’t working. It’s holding myself accountable for the decisions that I made.

And sometimes that’s all the motivation we need. A better direction of where we need to go.

So stick through it. You got this.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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