If you’ve made the decision to move abroad and start a new life elsewhere then this is a very exciting time in your life. Of course, it’s also a stressful one. How on earth do you begin when planning such a huge venture? Well, it’s all about taking your time to do so. Moving to a new country is a much bigger step than moving to a new town, as you’ll see throughout the discussion in this article. You need to be absolutely certain that this is what you want before you commit to anything. It all depends on the country to which you’ll be moving, the kind of work you’ll be doing, and whether or not you’re prepared to embrace the culture itself. Here are some of the steps you need to take when moving abroad.

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Choose your destination.

Knowing that you’re ready to make a new life for yourself in some other part of the world is a huge step in itself, but you need to give the destination some real thought. Whilst nothing in life is ever permanent, moving to an entirely new country is a much bigger step than simply moving to a new town or city. You need to be sure that you can really commit to the move. Pick your destination wisely, and do some research before you make your final decision. You need to think about the change in your lifestyle. Is the climate different? What employment opportunities are there? Will there be a language barrier that you’ll have to overcome? Will you be able to apply for citizenship, or will you only be able to stay and work for a few years at most? We’ll touch on these points throughout the rest of this article.

You also need to be sure that you can commit to a new home on an emotional level. You’ll be leaving friends and family behind, which can be tougher than you might realize. Going traveling for a few months is one thing, but making the decision to permanently move to a foreign place in another part of the world is a different story altogether. You need to be sure that you can cope with being separated by distance from your old friends and loved ones; you need to be ready for an adventure in which you’ll meet lots of new people and make new friends. If that’s something you want then this move sounds like it’s the right thing for you. Of course, there’s much more planning to be done first. We’re not done just yet.

Look into visas.

Once you’ve decided on the destination for your move, you’ll need to start thinking about the legal and logistical elements of such a life-changing decision. The technicalities depend on the country to which you’re moving, of course. In many cases, you’ll need a visa to be granted permission for an extended or permanent stay in a foreign country. If your employer has branches abroad then this could help you to be granted a foreign visa. There’s also the opportunity to get a visa based on your qualifications or professional experience, granted that you apply for certain jobs once you reach the destination in question.

Again, it all depends on the destination to which you hope to migrate. If you’re moving in order to marry and live with a foreign partner then you might want to get help from a migration agent during the application process for a spouse visa. Obviously, the whole visa process depends on your personal situation and the nation in question. Whether you’re working abroad for a few years or looking for permanent citizenship in a new country, you always need to start by doing your research into available visas. It’s a gradual road towards becoming a full citizen of a new country, but there are always options available to you.

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Find the right home.

Whether you’re moving to a new home a few blocks over or, in this case, to a new home that might be on the other side of the world, you need to take your time to do your research. You shouldn’t ever rush into a move, no matter the scale on which you’re moving. In the case of making a home in a new country, however, this piece of advice becomes more important than ever. It’s a huge investment to make, and you’re likely going to be spending a lot of money on the moving process in general (which we’ll discuss in the next point). You need to take your time to weigh up your options. You might even want to take a short vacation to the country which will become your new home so that you can view some properties in person. You don’t want to make a life-changing decision regarding your new home based on a few pictures you’ve seen online.

Visiting the country to which you plan on moving is also a smart thing to do because you’ll get a feel for your intended new home before committing to actually living there. You wouldn’t want to make such a big decision and then decide that you don’t want to live abroad a few months after moving there. It’ll have cost you a lot of money and time for absolutely nothing other than a short and unpleasant experience. You need to spend a few weeks vacationing in the country you’re considering. Make sure you treat this place like your home rather than a tourist destination so that it’s a proper test. At the end of the stay, you need to ask yourself whether you can imagine living there permanently.

Plan the move itself.

You’ve decided on a destination, make all the legal preparations, and found yourself a new home. Once all of those things are sorted, you’re ready to plan for the physical move itself. Remember, this isn’t like a vacation; you’re going to need to pack more than a few bags. You’re bringing all of your belongings with you, and that requires some planning. You should do some research on available container companies that can ship your contents over to your new home for you. Obviously, you’ll want to keep the essentials on your person for your own journey over, but you can’t bring everything in hand-luggage. Of course, you might want to throw out some of the unwanted possessions in your home before you pack so that you’re only bringing the essentials. There’s no point in bringing clutter with you.


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