I don’t watch a whole lot of anime, but one series that my cousin got me watching was My Hero Academia.

It’s a story about the world inheriting supernatural powers called quirks and the rise of a profession called Heroes. It’s much like the other typical animes. The plot points are predictable, the characters are fairly standard. However what is unique is how each character uses their quirks. Not to mention their motivations behind their quirks.

Not to spoil too much of the show, but the story focuses around a character who doesn’t have a quirk. He was one of the 20% of the world of people who don’t have a quirk. It tore him apart, however through a bit of luck, he managed to obtain a quirk (because of course he does.)

Throughout the series, we watch as this character grows and faces a lot of people who pick on him time and time again. That being said, one theme remains prominent. No matter the circumstances and despite what people are saying to the character, he sticks through no matter what.


Stand Up For What You Believe In

While this may sound like the plot of literally every type of anime out there, it’s still a powerful story on believing in yourself. In our lives we face a lot of adversity. I know I faced a lot of it when I first started this business.

For months I made no progress at all and it got me to question whether I should stop or press forward.

While looking at it logically it made sense to continue to try since I didn’t put any effort at all into it, a lot of people may consider that as a reason to give up on something. Trying for months and months, only to amount to nothing can certainly be a good reason to give up.

However one of the many things that kept me going was belief.

Belief that I could make progress some day.

Belief that what I was doing wasn’t a waste of time, but the proper path meant for me.

I Believe This The Most

I believed in that wholeheartedly and that is what allowed me to persist. In fact it’s still one thing that is keeping me going today as well.

Much like the main character in My Hero Academia, there can be overwhelming odds stacked against you, and you will face a lot of confrontations, but these are all tests.

These are tests to help you grow and find your true strengths and values.

So take them to heart, believe in them and continue to refine them and strengthen them the more battles you fight.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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