This week has been a prep week for solving the eating habits that I have. Even though this week hasn’t been incredibly productive health-wise, that doesn’t mean I did nothing. Indeed, I took some time to prepare a plan and yesterday took action.

Steps To Solving The Eating Habits

My Eating Problems

The big problem with my eating is that I have a lot of carbs in my diet. And even as I eat healthy in most cases not all the food is great for me. There is also the fact that I don’t do a whole lot of exercise either.

While it may be higher than most, I wouldn’t consider it as active. Furthermore, I have a habit of working until I am hungry which means I make something quick and normally not the healthiest thing.

With this in mind it makes sense that meals that are low in calories but also are quick to make would work. Because they are fast they suit my lifestyle right now without requiring me to change much of my habits.

Not only that but some of the meals will be low in calories which works seeing as I sit a lot of the time.

This is progress to solve my eating problems seeing as I won’t need to change my lifestyle much to accommodate this. Furthermore I have picked up several cookbooks revolving around those themes.

Change Only What Is Necessary

I’m excited to be trying this out and it’ll be nice to make some proper meal plans again. Because these recipes are pretty basic in nature, they’re not going to be expensive and outside of my price range. 

In the end, this follows the principals of hanging only what is necessary for our lives. We have always been reluctant to change and even people who are committed to gangs still struggle to handle change.

I’m a great example of someone who slips back into old habits again and again.

It this approach to both planning and the fact my change isn’t drastic is going to help me to move forward and handle this goal.

Next: Solving The Eating Habits

If I want to be solving the eating habits I will need to be focused and committed. Little by little these shifts will help me in getting healthier over time. It’s time to be putting these plans into further action and seeing where this will take me with everything else that I’m doing.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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