This week I’ve been taking steps (both literally and figuratively) into solving my leg problem. I haven’t brought it up much on this journey, however, I struggle to do leg exercises as I get stiff the very next day.

“But most times you get sore from exercising anyway, right?”

You might say. Well yes, that’s quite true.

However in my case, I get sore the next day from doing not 50 squats or even 20 squats, but 10 squats. There was even a point where I jogged for a week and I felt nothing but pain afterward followed by a week where I did literally nothing due to my legs being so sore.

During my journey I’ve made some discoveries about what the issue is, part of that being my overall weight putting pressure on my legs. Despite my legs being quite strong (6 years of delivering 50+ papers on foot/bike for on average an hour 6 days a week does that) they struggle to handle my upper body.

I’ve been working away at dropping that weight. Over this process, I’ve tried diets early on to now focusing on exercising now. I can still take some effort into solving my leg problem. And I think I found a solution.

Solving My Leg Problem

A Real Solution

When I first started working out five years ago, one of my friends from university gave me a tip for handling workouts better. He advised me to get some calcium pills and take one the next day after a workout. I bought a bottle with not much thought after that and tried it out. Sure enough, when I felt stiff and sore, I took one of those pills and felt better by the next day.

However, after I stopped working out, I stopped taking those pills. Yet I still have the bottle hanging around my desk. In fact, this is the same bottle of pills I am using right now to fix my legs.

But these particular pills not only have calcium, they have something else in there too. One other important ingredient is magnesium which these pills provide too.

According to, magnesium helps in keeping the blood flow and heart flow steady as well as strengthening bones as well. So essentially it’s the same as calcium in some respects.

Also what’s important to note is that for a lot of people, they have a deficiency in magnesium.

In the end, this honestly makes a lot of sense for me. Especially since sources of magnesium stem from greens, leafy vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole-grain cereals.

Although I am certainly eating healthy foods, judging by the fact I have had this leg issue it’s still reasonable to say I have deficiencies in magnesium and/or calcium. The leg problem is most prominent due to the compounded issue of my upper body being the area with the most weight.

Taking The Solution To Heart

The reason I’m saying all of this is I decided to try out this theory the other day. No, my test didn’t involve me jogging. That’ll be too hard on my legs right now.

I do know though that I can get away with biking. Especially when I employ my strategy. Also, as long as I keep up with these pill supplements, I should be good too.

I know this because I went biking for a solid hour on Thursday. After taking these pills since Monday, I can say I felt a little pain but nothing I couldn’t handle. Furthermore, I wasn’t stiff at all the next day.

It was through this test that I’ve discovered the issue. I’ve also noticed that I can do more pushups than usual as well. Some of it is due to my tolerance, but I do recall feeling pain in the wrist areas that weren’t present now from taking those pills.

Solving My Leg Problem

As I’ve been suggesting, just because I’m taking these pills doesn’t mean I should be going all out on my exercising. It’s still important for me to pace myself and to be aware of what I’m getting into.

Naturally, I’m aware of the risks of taking these supplements, however, at the time of writing this, I’m not seeing any issues with myself. Furthermore, I’m aware of how much I can take over the course of the day so I won’t risk overdosing.

WebMD, of course, is a great source that tells you everything you want to know about magnesium. You can read all about it here.

As for whether you should try this or not, that’s up to you.

My stance on anything health related is to do it and continue it based on how you are feeling.

If you feel well by taking supplements then continue, but if you don’t, stop.

In the end, listening to your body when you try supplements or a new healthy diet.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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