Share Your Story

Whether it’s a story that happened recently or something that happened in the past, sharing stories is always good. Through story telling, we are able to connect and understand and even grow from these experiences. I recognize this so I’m leaving my blog open now for people so you can share your story as well!

But before you begin writing, there are some guidelines I want to disclose first. If you do not follow them, then you submission may be turned down.

Submission and Writing Guidelines

  • Articles must be a minimum of 300 words.
  • The article must be relevant to the positive, self improvement niche.
  • When stating a fact or research, please include relevant links (or screenshots) to your source.
  • Include at least 1 image with your article submission used as a thumbnail for the article. Royalty free, or screenshots preferred. I may ask for more depending on the word count. (Try for royalty free pictures.)
  • You retain rights to your work, but the article may be altered slightly for SEO purposes. I will always notify you if I make changes before posting, giving you a new copy of the changes for your review prior to posting.
  • I don’t accept copies of previous articles. Please also refrain from posting the submitted article on other websites. (You can post articles submitted here on Medium as long as you include a note that the original post was posted on
  • When the article is submitted I will share it via twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest tagging you into the post when applicable. I ask that you share those posts. 
  • I will only accept articles submitted in Google docs. Please ensure that I am able to edit in the document.
  • Do not include any affiliate links in your submitted article. There will be space provided at the end of the article for social media handles, and additional sites.

With all of these in mind go ahead and fill out the Story Proposal Form.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon