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Shameer LordeOne of the many aspects of business is marketing. Marketing plays a massive role in being able to make any money with any business. However many people struggle with marketing. They have poor practices, no clue at all about marketing, or they’re intimidated by it. So today I brought Shameer Lorde onto the show to help us all out in understanding marketing. He is an entrepreneur, blogger, and marketer as well and has spent several years growing a business that helps people become financially free.

Shameer currently has two blogs you can check out: The first being Empower Yourself and the second blog Cents to SenseI’ll also include Shameer’s social media information below for you all to connect with him there too!


What is one of the most common marketing mistakes that you see on social media or just marketing in general?

Well a common mistake people tend to make is putting out the wrong content and just marketing towards any and everyone. For instance if someone is a vegan you wouldn’t try to sell them chicken right? I mean you have to do things that makes sense. Another problem people have is not knowing who they want to target, meaning who they want to reach. In this line of business you will get a variety of people but you have to know who your audience is. Sometimes and almost all the time you work with some people that are not in the demographic you aim for. When on social media you have to feed people more content than offers, You don’t want to be that person just selling, selling and selling its an absolute turn off.

For a business starting up, what would be the first social media platform you’d encourage people to use and why?

See now that is actually a tricky question, because this actually goes


Twitter is great because its millions of people accessible to you at your fingertips!

with your preference. I would say Twitter and Facebook is the go to. Facebook is a great tool to reach people and also the Facebook Live if used correctly can have a great impact on your business and help in your business growth. Twitter is great because its millions of people accessible to you at your fingertips! You can literally reach people around the WHOLE WORLD!

[ctt template=”3″ link=”4d9a2″ via=”yes” ]”Twitter is great because its millions of people accessible to you at your fingertips!” @snlempowersyou @es_burdon[/ctt]

What are some of the best habits to get into to having a solid marketing campaign?

The best habits to get into is consistency. You don’t want to be one way one day and another way the next? Your following will be confused and start to loose faith in you. In order to have a solid marketing campaign it goes back to what I discussed earlier. Also you have to have a niche, target market, who is your audience, what kind of life do they have, what problems are they dealing with, and once you do that you can have the best solid campaign. I believe Facebook has the best campaign ads that allows you to target the demographic that you want.

Are there any particular marketing tools that you would recommend people to use?

The problem with this is when you say marketing tool. Everything can be a marketing tool if you know how to use it. YOU are a marketing tool. When people get into business with me its because they believe I can help them but most importantly they believe I can take them there. You are the best marketing tool, you don’t need paid advertisement, but don’t get me wrong paid advertisement is a great thing and be very beneficial if used correctly. I would go back to Facebook ads and Twitter. The way you interact is a marketing tool.
[ctt template=”3″ link=”B5Qac” via=”yes” ]”Everything can be a marketing tool if you know how to use it. YOU are a marketing tool.” @snlempowersyou @es_burdon[/ctt]

What are some of the challenges that you face on growing an audience on social media or on your blog?

Challenge I would say is staying away from cliches. When I say that I mean, trying to make sure I am not following how other people are operating and just being myself and living in my truth. Actually


As an entrepreneur you are kind of like a therapist in a way.

I found that being yourself is the best way to attract people to you. As an entrepreneur you are kind of like a therapist in a way. People look to me to solve their problems and I must help them do that. That starts with believing in myself. Sounds simple but there’s so many out there that don’t, which is why they are failing.

What was one of the most important things that you learned about marketing?

One of the most important things I learned is marketing is easier than people think and only hard if you make it so. When people think about marketing their heads start spinning. Marketing I learned can change your life and the way you think. When I think about marketing it pertains to a better life, but marketing I learned is about change.
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