Week 27 #BetterMeNow

Remember to take your time when you are striving to achieve what you want in your life.

This idea can be a bit difficult to remember in certain circumstances. For myself I have to remind myself this from time to time. Not as a reason for slacking off or taking easy way to often, but to use it as a time to collect my thoughts.

As much as progress is important, it’s also important to pause and take inventory of your surroundings. By no means is this taking a step backrather a pause from everything. From here we can do two crucial things at this point that can help us in various ways.

Meditate On It

Progress is important, but so is pausing and stalling. For one, you get the opportunity to meditate on what sort of path you want to be taking. Some times you can get ahead of yourself and may not even realize it. For example, I thought yesterday that I had significantly more money in my bank account than I did. Apparently the mistake I made a few weeks ago still bit me a bit, but I didn’t realize it as I was more focused on making progress.

You see, that event completely slipped my mind after I got my refund, however if I meditated on it and thought it over, I might’ve caught that. Meditation can help in so many ways than just that though.

Determine Next Steps

The other thing pausing can do is determine your next steps. When you remember to take your time with the process you can look at various things. Things like what needs changing, what’s working, and what could you do better. It allows you to do an inventory of your goals, your tasks too. You can even use this opportunity to note particular achievements and congratulate yourself for them.

These next steps that we take are critical as it puts into perspective that pausing can be just as important as making progress. True we need to pause at some point, we’re not robots, but by actively pausing and analyzing aspects of our lives our actions and views can shift.

Much like muddling over information for a few (or several minutes) we begin to understand things more. With pausing we are looking at our life and understanding more about ourselves and where to go next.

Remember To Take Your Time

Do not use this as a means of a slacking off and procrastinate. When we balance pausing and progress and use them for the right purposes, we can grow tremendously from them.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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