A quality guest post is something that many writers offer on the regular. It’s a strategy that is encouraged by many to grow an audience, or in some cases grow your income.

Over the years I’ve been running this site, there have been a number of guest posts. Looking at my Contribution section and you’ll find no short supply of them.

But out of the many that have approached me, there’s only one right now whom I work with on the regular.

While I certainly value other peoples stories and desire to share information, there is still a business element to it.

A guest post is a great tool to build your audience and brand, but also to build a relationship with that writer.

And that relationship is key. As we all know who we are today is because of the connections that we have. Both offline and online. And how someone presents a guest post – at least in my eyes – gives me a distinct impression for how this person sees the relationship.

And that impression comes down to whether or not the person gives me a quality guest post or if I have to turn it into a quality guest post.

A quality guest post comes down to guest post etiquette. If you use it, chances are I won’t be saying no to regular submissions. Not to mention, if I really enjoy your article, I’ll probably chat with you more.

I may not be the biggest most successful writer at the time of posting this, but connections are still valuable. And it’s these tiny things that make a real difference.

So here are some tips that I recommend you employ. If you care about building a relationship, follow these things.

How To Submit A Quality Guest Post

Read Articles

The first biggest thing is to dedicate a little bit of time looking through a person’s website.

For sure, you may have ideas of your own already. That’s cool. But reading articles is nice for when you get to pitching to me or someone else.

Our tonne may be difficult to pick up, but I’ve noticed there is a difference between when someone has actually checked your blog out or not. The biggest is that the person talks about a specific aspect of the site.

Whether it’s a certain passage or phrase that resonated with them in an article or something they’ve noticed. Perhaps a lack of coverage of a certain topic or niche.

In other words, the only way they’re going to be able to say that is if they read an article or navigated the website.

I’m not saying you need to spend several hours reading article after article. One is enough, but more never hurts.

It can give you ideas for what else you can write about, or maybe a topic that interests you so much you’d like to go with this new idea instead. Whatever the case may be, reading someone’s work is helpful.

This practice is helpful because it shows that you’re considerate. Sure you can tell from just looking at the site this is a self-improvement site. But you don’t know what I’ve covered. You don’t know what others have covered.

And there are literally hundreds of articles on here.

To spend a fraction of your time to read a handful of articles means something.

Provide Quality Pictures

If you’ve spent any time on my site you’ll know that I use pictures. I’m not aggressively using them, but you can at least expect one picture.

A quality guest post needs pictures. It helps with making articles more readable and fun.

After all, people like pictures.

Or videos.

But the difference between employing and not employing etiquette depends on whether you include a picture or not with your submission.

If you include one, it saves me the struggle of looking for one. It tells me as well that you care about the small aspects of forming a quality post.

If you don’t include one, it means you care more about getting the article done than worrying about the finer details. And as writers, we should pay attention to the small details.

And sure finding a picture is not that hard. But that’s the point. It’s not hard to find a good picture. Furthermore, it shows how lazy you are if you don’t include one.

It makes people look even worse if they are the ones who originally approached you. For me, that’s always the case. So when people don’t include a picture, it means something to me.

And as a side note, you don’t even have to include a picture right in the article. If you prefer, you can even send me links to the specific pictures. I accept anything from Unsplash, Pixaby, and Pexels.

Apply SEO Practices

Like any article you write on your blog, the more SEO best practices you check off, the better the article will perform.

And yet whenever I get submissions, sometimes I don’t see these best practices. It confuses me because I can imagine that they would follow them when they write articles on their site.

They would rather settle for their bottom of the barrel posts and send those to other people. They prioritize finishing the article as opposed to making it a valuable article people will read and share.

Just because it’s on someone else’s site doesn’t mean that the post should be given less time to it. After all, if you’re looking to grow an audience, you’ll be putting your name on it.

And for most of my readers here, this would be their first time looking at your content.

So if it’s poor quality, you won’t get much traction. Why? Because a quality guest post is just like any other post. You get what you put into it.

And I’m not saying you need to spend days or months on one post. But setting aside ten minutes after the article is done to ensure you have good SEO is a good thing.

All of my articles go through a plugin called Yoast SEO. It’s a very helpful plugin that ensures that I have a good post. If your post doesn’t satisfy Yoast SEO, I’ll be editing it to ensure that it does.

And I shouldn’t be editing a person’s article that heavily.

Include Links

And on the note of SEO, I want to emphasize linking. Linking to your sources is important. It builds credibility (amongst other things) especially when you are mentioning studies or research.

You need to back those claims up.

But I’d go a step farther. Because often times, people forget that it’s also good SEO to link to other articles on the site you’re submitting to.

And this aspect is what really sets people apart to me. Because if you include links to other posts within your article, it says several things:

  • First, that you’ve read more than an article or two on the site. This goes back to the first good practice I mentioned
  • Second, you know how to do research. And even if it took you literally two minutes to link stuff, the extra step is nice.
  • Third, you care about me on a professional level. The more edits I have to do, the more I feel that you gave me a poor article. And a poor article tells me you don’t care. You don’t care about your work, this relationship, or me.
  • Finally, you understand what a quality guest post is. Because it’s all of these things.

A Good Quality Guest Post

Moving forward, I’ll be pushing these practices. Even if you don’t plan on submitting more than one article, these tactics are good practice.

As writers, we should be putting as much effort into guest posts as we do with posting our own articles on our sites.

We all have busy lives, but these practices don’t take long. Not to mention, that handing out strong and powerful articles means something.

A guest post can open up opportunities and they provide the first impression.

If you’re lazy and don’t focus on the details, I’ll be asking you to make some edits. But it also makes you look bad. Bad to me, but also bad to viewers.

I’m not against sharing stories. However, if you run your own blog or company and wish to collaborate, then send me something good.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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